Coons Picks On Someone His Own Size

Filed in National by on May 25, 2018

Sen. Chris Coons put his foot down yesterday, writing a letter to Chuck Grassley expressing — I hope you’re sitting down — deep concern that Donald Trump Jr. might have lied to Congress.

“I am writing to you because I am deeply concerned that, based on new information we learned this week, Donald Trump Jr. provided false testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and I would like to renew my request that he be called to return and appear before the full committee to testify in an open hearing,” Coons wrote.

He also asked Grassley to call Usay before an open session of the committee to testify again to clear up the discrepancy. He did not, however, “hereby demand” it, so it doesn’t count.

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  1. ban nha dat binh chanh | May 28, 2018
  1. RE Vanella says:

    Chance of Grassley considering a contempt of Congress charge… Nil.

    If Coons can’t make a stronger statement then that he shouldn’t make any statement. But he has no shame reflect, so…

    He a gutless, spineless, worthless piece of garbage as a people’s representative in the Senate. But, hey, Friends tuition ain’t going pay itself.

  2. Alby says:

    Actually, my complaint is his insistence on playing by the old rules. Google “deep concern.” It’s what heads of state routinely express when they don’t have the latitude to actually do anything to stop the activity they’re expressing deep concern about.

    Republicans have used the “comity of the Senate” to fuck over Democrats ever since Gingrich laid down the conservo-republican ground rules in 1994. They routinely have tried to bully their agenda through instead of negotiating, which should be obvious to everyone since the Merrick Garland debacle.

    Chris Coons is acting as if the pre-Trump Senate, and a pre-Trump politics, still exist. He’s fooling himself.

  3. Liberal Elite says:

    He’s not writing to the audience that you think he’s writing to…

  4. RE Vanella says:

    No shit. That’s the problem. I know exactly who that’s for and that group is the scum of the earth. That’s the point. Empty fucking gestures are cowardly bullshit.

    (Was that good for you?)

  5. puck says:

    Poll: How many Democratic Senators will it take to pass a fix for the Gorsuch decision allowing forced arbitration for worker disputes?

    – 50 plus the Vice President.
    – 60
    – 62 (Coons and Carper, remember?)
    – 110

  6. Liberal Elite says:

    @REV “I know exactly who that’s for and that group is the scum of the earth.”

    Really? You know?? I don’t think so…

  7. Alby says:

    @LE: Who is the audience you think he’s writing to?

  8. Liberal Elite says:

    To almost everyone in Delaware, and to even the conservatives.
    This is the way some Dems pretend to do their jobs.

    He’s playing by the old rules because those work for him. If he came out, seriously gunning for Jr., he’d make enemies without being more electable. The problem is that there’s no downside for him to be like he is.

  9. spktruth says:

    Gee is it possible Delaware democrats have finally read the tea leaves on Coons, Carper and how both have screwed the Delaware citizens for years! When Castle was in the bunch I referred to them as the ‘three blind mice”. One is gone, two are left. Both are so tied to corporate america, representing Delaware and Wall Street bankster/gangsters, they both must be replaced. There is a reason why Markell, Carney, and past Governors, regardless of party, all sing the corporate tune, along with 98% of our legislators, and leadership all the way up the line. Now what?

    That is the “Delaware Way”.

  10. spktruth says:

    Oh but there is a downside to what he is doing. If you followed him since he went to the Senate, you know from the git go, he aligned himself with Graham and MCcain, on Faux News. For a man who came out of the Peace Corp serving in Africa, his years there obvously have been breached by the color of money and power. We can always count on Carper and Coons never to stand up to the corruption at the top in this country, However with hand on the Bible, took oath to protect from enemies foreign and domestic. Find replacements, enough is enough with these men.

    As far as this is the way they all act…isn’t that the issue we are attempting to defeat?

  11. RE Vanella says:

    Try to convince me there’s a difference between Liberal Elite and Tom Kline.

    Fucking indistinguishable.

  12. RE Vanella says:

    Actually, Tom uses his real name I think.

    I love Tom Kline.

  13. Coons is more of a Morning Joe guy. Especially when that Donnie Deutsch guy, who believes that D’s should worship at the altar of moderation, is on.

    Chris just wants to be loved. By the Beltway establishment. Not by us.

  14. Tom Kline is the proxy for all those commenters we have banned b/c of the threat that they posed to the collective community IQ. We felt obliged to keep one of the originals. Tom’s that guy.

  15. Liberal Elite says:

    @s “Oh but there is a downside to what he is doing.”

    Sure… But that’s all only a downside for us. I said that there was no downside for him. To get change, we need to make that a downside for him… (or replace him).

  16. RE Vanella says:


    Liberal Elite’s ideas are just as dumb.


    I say St Vincent is the female Prince. Missus disagrees.

  17. RE Vanella says:

    I do admire LE’s persistence. She’s a dope, but she’s earnest. It’s quaint.

    Never give up.

    Still love Tom Kline.

  18. Arthur says:

    If he picked on someone his own size the jockey in the 4th at Delaware park would be terrified

  19. RE Vanella says:

    My favorite is…

    after multiple exclamation marks…

    and a Washington Post link…

    ..she totally thinks..

    I gotta ’em …

    Hahahaha. My God.. it’s magnificent.

  20. Alby says:

    St. Vincent is Prince? Isn’t there a little funkiness shortage there? I mean, I like her fine, but she’s not who I’m putting on at a dance party.

  21. jason330 says:

    “deeply concerned” + “renewed request” is one step under “called on to” which is five steps under “demanded” – which is iteself 10 steps under any meaningful action.

    I don’t see Coons ever climbing the ladder to demanding.

  22. RE Vanella says:

    Saw the show live, brah. Not on YouTube.

    Editorial note. Author is prone to hyperbole.

  23. puck says:

    Whenever Dems cave in, Coons can be found with comity dripping down his chin.

  24. RE Vanella says:

    He gets paid handsomely for it too. That’s another reason why it’s called the money shot.

    Have you seen the tuition rates at Friends?

  25. Alby says:

    He doesn’t need the money. He had plenty before politics, he’ll have plenty afterward. He’s a Gore heir.

  26. RE Vanella says:

    I know he doesn’t “need” it. Not needing it hasn’t stopped him. There are high-end hookers too.

  27. Alby says:

    Money is not his motivation. He’s driven more by a need to prove himself. He is not faking his positions; he really believes this stuff.

    He’s like a lot of these corporate-oriented Democrats — he started out as a young Republican, and he never rejected the framing.

  28. RE Vanella says:

    He takes it though doesn’t he.

  29. spktruth says:

    Coons is a very wealthy man. He doesn’t worry about money, but he is interested in power and belonging. He fits more with the republican elite, than with democrats. He needs to go, has no real understanding of the plight of Delawareans or 75% living pay check to check.

  30. RE Vanella says:

    Maybe you guys know him personally, but in my experience the fact of having loads of dough doesn’t have any effect on “motivations” and “worry”.

  31. Alby says:

    I know him as both a source and a subject, so I’ve had a good bit of interaction with him in those situations over the years. Outside of that, I used to see him at the occasional fund-raising party back when I went to those things, and knew him well enough to engage in casual chit-chat.

    I can’t speak for others.