Song Of The Day: May 20, 2018

Filed in Arts and Entertainment by on May 20, 2018

OK, I admit it. Verdict on this week: Good theme, poorly executed. Shoulda asked Waterpirate to program it.  Hope he likes this one:

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  1. waterpirate says:

    What a way to start Sunday Brunch! I like it.
    A word on my youngster musical taste. People say my Pandora shuffle was put together by a schizophrenic who had a sense of humor.

  2. Paul says:

    This performance is good. There is a better performance of this song on video and I can say that I find it astonishing. About that performance I have said that it is by far the best female vocal performance of rock music of all time. Thanks for sharing this, Monterey pop festival was perhaps the best live performance of all time as well.

  3. waterpirate says:

    So the six million dollar question for me is, What’s on deck for next week including the holiday weekend?