May 17 Open Thread: How Big Is It, Rudy?

Filed in National by on May 17, 2018

Short stack this morning because I have another engagement and haven’t had time to digest yesterday’s events. This caught my eye, though, considering that Team Trump signaled its intent to conduct a “war” against the Russia probe, which is totally something an innocent person would do: Rudy Giuliani told Laura Ingraham that Mueller doesn’t realize he’sdoesn’t realize “interfering with things that are much bigger than them, or us.” Really, Rudy? This guy was the former head of the FBI, far outranking you in Justice Dept. standing. What are you saying is bigger than that? Was this the threat of another Russian assassination? Who the fuck knows? This guy makes Trump sound like a sane man.

Speaking of sane men, a sourced report is out claiming that the perpetrator of the Las Vegas massacre ranted about government gun-grabbers to — wait for it — the guy he bought his bump stocks from.

I’ll try to post later today, but until then feel free to direct our attention to anything worthy.

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  1. RE Vanella says:

    Kerri Evelyn Harris endorsed by Justice Democrats.

  2. bamboozer says:

    Giuliani is a bad joke and as such he’s performing exactly as I expected. His main tactic seems to be baseless threats, sure Trump’s base laps it up, equally sure Mueller could care less.

  3. spktruth says:

    Guliani is a fool and a joke. He is throwing shit against the wall like” the president cannot be indicted or forced to testify”…really? How come Clinton had to appear before the grand jury and tell all…and he was impeached. Guiliani is like a mobster/gangster, he hasnt been in a court room in 30 yrs…but has no problem pushing Trump’s lies claims, cuz he knows Mueller will not call him on it. I don’t believe for a second Guiliani had a conversation with Mueller…Guiliani wants to be on TV, with his ugly mug spewing crap to see what sticks all for the right win base.

  4. mouse says:

    It’s hard to imagine that a critical mass of POS Americans can send the most vile people ever to leadership