Bill to take guns from mentally ill shows common sense gun reform is possible – time to press forward on gun control

Filed in National by on April 25, 2018

The NRA got its ass kicked on this one. That’s good news for society and good news for all sane Delawareans who know that easy access to military assault weapons and high capacity magazines isn’t protected by the 2nd Amendment.

El Som has written extensively on why these common sense steps have not been taken. It is the perfidy of the Democratic “leadership” that is keeping Delaware from taking the common sense steps it needs to take to ensure military weapons are not available in Delaware.

DOVER — The Senate passed the first major gun legislation of 2018, approving a bill that creates a path for taking guns from individuals with mental illnesses.

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  1. bamboozer says:

    Long overdue first step and common sense to say the least, surely it beats multiple contacts with the police and family members begging for the guns to be taken away. Now let’s see if the craven cowards in Dover can take it to the next step and ban assault weapons. I doubt it, but we can dream, yes, we can dream.

  2. spktruth says:

    AMEN! Incrementalism will end democracy…but we can hope for a new cast of characters.

  3. PE Antle says:

    You say that the NRA got its ass kicked. However, the linked story makes it clear that the ACLU was objecting, not the NRA.

  4. Alby says:

    Yet the NRA still got its ass kicked. Losers!