Meredith Chapman killed in apparent murder-suicide

Filed in National by on April 24, 2018

A former communications official at the University of Delaware who recently ran for state Senate was killed in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania, Monday night in an apparent murder-suicide, according to multiple sources.

Meredith Chapman had been UD’s director for digital communications until March. She recently started a job as an assistant vice president at Villanova University.

Fucking awful.

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  1. mediawatch says:

    Got to know her when she briefly worked on the team that launched the campaign of the successful candidate for state treasurer in 2010. She was a great asset, but she moved on before the campaign picked up steam. In that brief time, her talent, friendliness and dedication were obvious. A sad ending to a promising career, and a tragic loss.

  2. A says:

    I just saw they released the motive, and how the woman acted on the murder. So tragic. Nothing worse than potential that is stopped short.

  3. RE Vanella says:

    It’s a wierd one in implementation with a classic trope. Also, a gun of course.

  4. This is depressing beyond words. My sympathies to all who knew her and cared for her.

  5. Jason330 says:

    I’m bracing myself for some gun nut to observe that the victim is to blame for not being armed.

  6. Arthur says:

    As the old saying goes “don’t dip your pen in another woman’s ink”

  7. Alby says:

    As the old saying goes, “fools comment before the facts are in.”

  8. Arthur says:

    Seems pretty clear from the emails and texts she sent her husband

  9. Alby says:

    Maybe so. Takes two to tango, though, doesn’t it? Seems odd to me she’d go after the other woman but not the husband.

  10. Delawarelefty says:

    No Alby, not that odd.

  11. Alby says:

    Odd to me. YMMV.

    So even a cheated-on woman blames the other woman rather than the man?

  12. Jason330 says:

    Witness the internalized power of the patriarchy.

  13. Arthur says:

    A cheating plotitcal wanna be – she could have been president

  14. Ben says:

    going for “biggest piece of shit in the internet” today are we?

  15. spktruth says:

    Complicated and tragic for all who knew them. We don’t know what went down or how, lets wait for some facts, please.

  16. Alby says:

    We have some facts. Learn how to use words more precisely.

  17. Alby says:

    We now have more facts. According to Chapman’s family, quoted by WDEL, Luke and Meredith Chapman were divorced and WDEL reports the Gerardots were legally separated. So yeah, it’s still a love triangle story, but apparently everybody was being an adult about it except for Jennair Gerardot.

    I still want to know why, if Jennair Gerardot’s messages were to her husband, why he didn’t alert Chapman to her danger.

  18. Liberal Elite says:

    @s “Complicated and tragic for all who knew them.”

    No. “Complicated” would be when they all get together and have a big fight followed by an orgy. This was rather simple.

  19. puck says:

    No doubt the killer was reacting to behavior that started well before they began “being an adult about it.” The thing about “being an adult” is you have to do it all the time, not just when things start going your way.