April 23 Open Thread: Delaware Last in Election Security

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An Axios article looking at ballot security in the run-up to the midterms notes that Delaware is one of only 5 U.S. states that lacks any paper trail of voting records. Worse, the authors round up what the states on its 15-worst list are doing to fix their problems. Delaware is not among those cited as doing anything.

David Cay Johnston, who has reported for decades on Donald Trump’s finances (he started in the ’80s when he covered Atlantic City for the Philadelphia Inquirer) has a new book coming out, has lots of interesting things to say in this interview with Salon’s Chauncey de Vega, including this bit about Trump voters:

This is a crucial point. People who’ve been had by con artists are ashamed and the world is full of cases, I’ve written about some of them, you see see it in movies and TV shows. They just can’t face the fact that they were tricked. It makes them feel stupid and foolish. People who got conned by Trump — it’s painful for many of them and they will do anything to avoid it. You don’t want to confront them, you don’t want to make them feel stupid.

The Fusion GPS guys, the ones behind the famous dossier, point out in a New York Times op-ed that Trump’s biggest worry probably involves criminal charges on money laundering. Yes, I keep linking to these stories because I was saying from before his inauguration that this was why he could and should be removed from office. He can’t pardon himself.

A neo-Nazi rally in Georgis attracted only a handful of goosesteppers but hundreds of counter-protesters. It turned into a shitshow because the locals sent out 400 riot-geared police to protect them. Perhaps bored by the lack of activity, the cops took it upon themselves to brutalize counter-protesters for the crime of wearing bandanas.

The Mitt Romney comeback is proving about as popular as his presidential bid. He failed yesterday to win the Senate nomination at the GOP party convention. He needed 60% of the votes but got only 49%, so the race goes to a June primary.

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  1. mouse says:

    Did the News Journal have a front page story about pollution in Sussex Sunday?

  2. mediawatch says:

    Axios no doubt neglected to talk to Elaine Manlove. She would have assured them that all is well.

  3. Paul says:

    Russian roulette was discussed yesterday on C-SPAN2. The discussion was a review of the entire book, and included representative Castro from Houston. Issikoff and Wolfe make the case that collusion does a disservice to The investigation. Accessory after-the-fact is closer to the truth. They say if you are looking for hard evidence that Trump talk directly to poop or his underlings you’re wasting your time. Instead consider that Trump already had a relationship with Putin going back to 2013, when Trump was trying to put a tower Moscow. They already had cars, they only needed a signal from truck to carry-on with their cyber attack. In this context the evidence points to trump speeches during the campaign that openly called for Moscow to hack Hillary‘s emails and make them public. Trump delivered is OK, Moscow received, and the next thing we know WikiLeaks is dumping hacked information from the DNC. Trump after the fact signaled his cooperation in the effort to attack the United States. The text also outlines why Putin was determined to interfere in the 2016 election. It is as authoritative an exclamation as I have seen thus far. I also appreciate the opportunity to hear it explained on C-SPAN

  4. Paul says:

    Poop= Putin. Dictate error, honest.

  5. nathan arizona says:

    I think poop does indeed equal Putin.

  6. CinqueB says:

    Coons – Present

  7. spktruth says:

    David Cay Johnston has stated Trump is a traitor. Pence won’t be president, because he gained from the Russia/Trump illegalities. So if Dems win does that mean Nancy Pelosi would be President..that will blow up every Trump supporters mind. Alternet has Johnson’s story.

  8. Alby says:

    Thanks, but if you’ll notice, that story is linked up in the text.

  9. Paul says:

    I googled the story about the Nazi rally in Georgia. I started with Google, then went through the sub stories. I thought the reporting about the police response to anti-protesters was blase at best. And the reporting about ANTIFA was totally BIASED. A lot of animosity and casual acceptance of assumptions about the anti-Nazi group. To be frank, I don’t know much about ANTIFA, but I do know glib generalizations when I hear them and can identify slant in a story. Hey, riot gear and assault weapons to maintain control of peaceful protesters? My head is spinning about that.

  10. Delawarelefty says:

    Yeah, in the red states the Nazis are the good guys and the anti fascists are the bad guys……Trump World!

  11. puck says:

    My Uncle Steve was in Antifa. He died on the beaches of Normandy. I hope he took a few Nazi scum with him.