Behold the Gun Nut Throng

Filed in National by on April 20, 2018

I can’t post the photograph here, because it’s copyrighted and also because I don’t know how, but click here for the Delaware State News coverage of a Thursday afternoon “gun rights rally” outside Legislative Hall in Dover.

According to reporter Craig Anderson, about 50 people showed up — a pathetic number, to be sure, but also a vastly inflated number judging by the photo, which shows 16 people, some of whom appear to be reporters. This did not dissuade the newspaper from devoting lots of coverage, though the photographer was reduced to snapping a shot of some mook who dug out his Gadsden flag from the Tea Party days. Good times!

This is graphic evidence of what the NRA has always been about — making a few loud-mouthed loons seem like a tidal wave of gun support. This is the vast sea of voters Nicole Poore, and so many of her colleagues, are so afraid of.

I don’t know which group is more pathetic — these sad sacks standing in the rain, or the sad sacks in session inside the building.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    Holy shit. Well of course the guy is obese and using a Rascal Scooter paid for by medicaid. Huzzah for the master race!

  2. Don says:

    We had a least 30 people in Leg Hall on Tuesday in support of SB 163 and the other gun regulation laws. Met with Sen. “My District is Rural” Ennis — he kept repeating that his district was filled with owners of AR15s that they used for deer hunting. REALLY?! That is one Senator who really needs to go. (And, of course, his is the crucial vote in the Judiciary Committee.) Needless to say our meeting with Sen. Smiley Lopez was equally disappointing. He’s labeled supporters of SB 163 far-left “extremists” and he’s siding with the shooters. Once again, too many of our legislators are waiting for a tragedy to happen before they see the light. Shameful!

  3. Alby says:

    I think Ernie Lopez left his conscience in Park City.

  4. Jason330 says:


  5. Alby says:

    @Don: Somebody should tell Ol’ Bullethead that it’s illegal to shoot deer with a rifle in Delaware.

  6. mike says:

    Well, it’s not like there haven’t been mass shootings in states that already have assault weapons bans. I mean hell, the Clinton admin even said they couldn’t find that the federal 94′ ban had done any good.

    Also, we’ve been seeing massive civil disobedience to gun control confiscations in CT, NY, CO etc. of late. I suspect, if DE passed SB163, that wouldn’t be enough to appease the gun banners. They’d push for registration of what’s already owned, as Townsend has already hinted at…… And you’d see, as in other states, massive non-compliance.

    When the response from 95+% of gun owners is. “what you’ve passed is unconstitutional, we won’t comply, we won’t register, and we won’t turn in a darn thing, well, legislators have a major, major problem.

    See Connecticut

    “If you pass laws that people have no respect for and they don’t follow them, then you have a real problem.” – Sen. Tony Guglielmo, R-Stafford

    Then you’ve also got the fact that most local law enforcement goes “hey, we agree with the gun owners and we won’t enforce this”

  7. jason330 says:

    Oh shut up, moron.

  8. jason330 says:

    …and BTW – you have to pass this test if you want to keep commenting here.

    1) Is the access to guns a problem in this country that needs to be solved? Yes/No

    2) Other than “enforce exisiting laws” name five gun control proposals that you, as a gun nut, could support.

  9. mike says:

    Yes, access is a problem. There are far, far too many barriers to access.

    Ed Note: FAIL.

  10. RE Vanella says:

    Mike fellated his 9mm today.

  11. jason330 says:

    Mike – You have to pass question 1 to earn the right to going on to question 2. Take care, and try your best to not shoot yourself or a family member.

  12. Alby says:

    “we’ve been seeing massive civil disobedience to gun control confiscations ”

    Like the massive rally in the photo?

  13. Dave says:

    How can you have massive disobedience to something that hasn’t happened?

    They didn’t come for your guns, but nonetheless, you persevere.

    I blame the educational system and of course the parents who failed to practice safe sex. When are we going to wise up in this country and require a license to have pets and children? Look what has happened with wanton reproduction – offspring like Mike.

  14. Alby says:

    The “gun confiscation” he’s babbling about is a law that temporarily takes guns from people under restraining orders.

  15. jason330 says:

    Jeremy – I put your comments in moderation until you pass the test and establish that you are qualified to comment here.

    1) Is access to guns a problem in this country that needs to be solved? Yes/No

    2) Other than “enforce existing laws” name five gun control proposals that you, as a gun nut, could support.

  16. puck says:

    I think “name five gun control proposals” is too strict. A real gun nut couldn’t name three.

  17. jason330 says:

    It is kinda moot. They can’t get past Q 1.

  18. RE Vanella says:

    Massacres like this are necessary, folks. Otherwise gun fetishists could never achieve sexual climax. A situation that would be clearly tyrannical.

  19. Alby says:

    @jason: The blocked comment by “Jeremy” was that two-thirds of gun deaths are “criminals shooting other criminals” and listed FBI crime stats as a source.

    There was no link provided, because no such “fact” exists. One-half of gun deaths are suicides.

    And then there are the cases like this, involving oh-so-responsible gun owners:

    Here’s an actual fact: Gun ownership makes being shot more likely, not less:

  20. Anon says:

    His post had a very high bullshit quotient. Five home invasions within 10 miles or something? He musty live in fucking Mogadishu. You should have left it up for the entertainment value.

  21. meatball says:

    Actually, Alby, suicides account for 2/3 of all gun deaths.

  22. Alby says:

    Just checked for the most recent figures and we’re both wrong: about 60%.

  23. jason330 says:

    “You should have left it up for the entertainment value.”

    Tempting, but I’m not as entertained by these fucking morons as I once was.