Rob Arlett, Trump’s Guy, Running For US Senate

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Sussex County Councilman Rob Arlett today announced that he would run for the Senate seat currently held by Tom Carper

Arlett helped lead the Trump campaign in Delaware, where Trump garnered just under 42% of the vote against Hillary Clinton and assorted other candidates.  His website for his previous County Council race describes him as…’Principled. Family Man. Dedicated. Business Man’.  And Trump’s #1 guy in Delaware.

He will face R businessman Gene Truono in a primary.  Carper is being challenged by Kerri Evelyn Harris.

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  1. Alby says:

    He’s lived in Delaware since aaalllll the way back in 2005.

    Don’t you just love carpetbagging out-of-state assholes who think they should tell us how to do things?

  2. Paul says:

    “Right to work” Rob is about as welcome to me (another carpetbagger) as a case of the flu.

  3. Alby says:

    Strikes me as more like a case of the clap.

  4. jason330 says:

    “Principled. Family Man” = Hi – DEGOP primary voters. You now have a non-gay running.

  5. Don says:

    Let’s focus on Arlett’s appalling support of #45 and less on his carpetbaggery? (says another recent transplant)

  6. Alby says:

    I’m focused on what might make SuxCo Republicans more leery of him. Supporting 45 is something they all do. Might as well nominate a native to do it. Jason’s right, though. This was about giving GOPers a non-gay alternative.

  7. Mitch Crane says:

    and by running for the US Senate, Arlett gives up his County Council seat, which is up this year. He has nothing to show for his 3+ years, except his motion, which failed to garner a second, to make Sussex a “Right-to-Work” County. Of course, after two years in office he tried to get his hero Trump to give him a position. Maybe he thinks that if he runs and loses, and he will lose, he will be given something. Trump will not enter 2019 offering Arlett a job; he will be too busy trying to save his own.

    (from another transplant)

  8. RSE says:

    Can a downstate conservative Evangelical Christian Republican win a statewide election in Delaware in 2018, and take out a long sitting Dem politician?….No, is the answer.

    Can a fiscally conservative, socially moderate openly gay Republican, win in a statewide election in Delaware in 2018?…Maybe

    Arlett will probably win the primary, a la Christine O’Donnell style, and he has more credibility than she had, but the end result will be the same.

    I would also guess that Arlett has zero name recognition in NC County.

    I assume Truano has good recognition upstate. I remember his family being pretty popular back in the day while growing up in Wilmington.

    Susan Monday was stumping for Arlett today on her show. He is popular down here, but Truano also has some sizable local support in Eastern Sussex.

    The bottom line is, GOP leadership should try and talk Arlett out of it.

  9. RSE says:

    This could also be just a tactical stepping stone scenario, where Arlett is just building his brand, just like Christine O’Donnell did. I used to joke to her people on the now defunct conservative Delaware blogs, that I wish I could be her agent. You just know she could land a job doing that Elvira Halloween gig stuff. She wouldn’t even have to have a stage name because Christine O’Donnell is already synonymous with witches…Ah, missed opportunities$$$

  10. Faithful Skeptic says:

    “The now defunct conservative Delaware blogs.” What happened to Frank Knotts? David Anderson’s blog is now all about David Anderson, he just announced he’s gotten the IPOD endorsement (can a Delaware pol run on 2 lines?). Is there another conservative blog besides these 2?

  11. spktruth says:

    IPOD endorsement. is that bunch of quacks still pretending to be a party. In truth they have 3 people, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf! I sued them in Chancery and lost, and the wolves moved in for the kill. Mike Protack tried to get their backing until he discovered they have no voters. Don’t hold conventions or have any semblance of a party. Arlette a piece off work, on WDEL spewing his alt right garbage and callers don’t call in, that should tell you what they think of that nit wit down here.In 2018 while they run from the party, this guy thinks he can win, laughable.

  12. Alby says:

    “I assume Truano has good recognition upstate.”

    I’ve never heard of the family, but I’ve only been here 45 years. That’s long enough, all you other transplants, to understand that I’m not really a Delawarean and will never be one. My parochialism and theirs aren’t quite the same, even though I grew up only 50 miles from here in Pa.

  13. RSE says:

    His dad was a dentist, and pretty much everyone that I personally knew , granted I was just a child , went to his practice. The kids threw some major kegggers back in the day as well.
    Given the six levels of separation thing, especially in Delaware, I just figured that a lot of people probably know someone who has heard of him or his dad, or went to school with him or his siblings, or there children…..Maybe not?

  14. Mitch Crane says:

    You and I that in common, Alby
    I grew up 15 miles north. Spent many Saturday nights at the Charcoal Pit, often after a movie at The Warner Theatre or dinner at the closest Chinese Restaurant to West Chester – in Fairfax

  15. RSE says:

    their children

  16. Delawarelefty says:

    Trump and his fan boy Arlett are both pieces of shit. Republicans deserve all that is coming for them.

  17. Teddy R says:

    surprised there is not a poll up by now about who you would vote for in a general–arlett or carper.

  18. mouse says:

    Fan boy, lol. Yeah, karma is coming for these maggots

  19. Paul says:

    Teddy R. Dems have a primary in senate race. Until that is over, Arlett/Carper is premature…

  20. RE Vanella says:

    Teddy’s a Delaware Way troller boy. Potentially another large adult son.

    He’s trying to shit on the Kerri Harris campaign. He’s a precious little lad. It’s sweet.