Talking to Kerri Evelyn Harris, the Mom, Vet, and Mechanic Staring Down Delaware’s Political Machine

Filed in National by on April 13, 2018

Great interview in Splinterwith Kerri Evelyn Harris.

When Carper continued his track record of not standing up for the people when push came to shove—when it comes to saying no to the Keystone Pipeline, or whether it’s voting in favor of pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions against the best interests of his constituents—there’s a problem. There’s a lot of damage to be done when we have Democrats who are in who don’t stand their ground when it’s time to stand up for people. What use is your power if it’s not used to stand up for the people?

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  1. PLEASE read that interview. Then share it with your friends. This is why we need Kerri Harris in the Senate.