John Sigler Is Losing His Shit

Filed in National by on April 13, 2018

The gun-fondling lobby held a rally Wednesday night at the Talleyville Fire Hall, and Gun Nut in Chief John Sigler used the occasion to jump the shark.

Just a week earlier he was using the pages of the Delaware State News to make a legalistic, if sophistic, argument about the Delaware Constitution. He contends that, because the state Constitution is more explicit in its description of the reasons for the right to bear arms, whatever the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution means is moot. So far, so good. He then engages in sophistry by claiming that, because the language for that was changed in 1987, when so-called assault weapons were legally sold, we should not ban them now. It’s sophistry because, as a lawyer, he well knows that the argument is easily reversed — if those men had wanted to protect the right to bear such arms, they could have said so.

Wednesday, though, legalistic appeals to reason went straight out the window, because let’s face it, the kind of people scared enough of whatever to think they need such weapons aren’t there for reasons of Constitutional principle.

According to WDEL’s Joe Irizarry, Sigler told the crowd of about 250 the majority of Americans who support gun control “don’t hate your guns, they hate you.” Wrong, John. I don’t hate the other people there. Just you.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    Fucking gun nut snowflakes. They take everything so personally.

  2. AQC says:

    Yeah, I hate John!

  3. bamboozer says:

    Here’s to hatin’ on John, if I had an effigy I sure as hell would burn it. With Attitude!