March 22 Open Thread: Facebook Faces the Music

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It’s hard not to feel some schadenfreude over Facebook’s sudden fall in fortune. Mark Zuckerberg finally addressed the issue of privacy with some vague promises, but the potential legal problems have Facebook stock tumbling, and its uncertain future unleashed near-record option trading.

Stripping Jared Kushner of his security clearance apparently came too late for some domestic opponents of the Saudi prince who seized the kingdom’s heir-apparency. Wonder Boy appears to have tipped off Mohanned bin Salman who those opponents were.

Tom Neuberger, representing fired Padua Academy principal Cindy Mann in her lawsuit against St. Anthony of Padua parish, has given the media copies of the emails that parish and diocesan officials wouldn’t. They show, unsurprisingly, that Mann was fired for insubordination for questioning the escalating rent payments the parish is demanding. All this time I thought insubordination was a venial sin.

Joe Biden’s threatened beatdown of Donald Trump did not go over well among the woke. Erin Keane of, who works the micro-aggression beat, says that’s not the right way to help women. Good thing she’s a woman, otherwise this would be called “mansplaining.” Trump, naturally, responded that he would win a fight, apparently mistaking Biden for a Big Mac.

There’s a good reason the RNC has held so many events at Trump properties: Nobody else wants to. The restaurant at Chicago’s Trump Tower is closing to downscale the menubecause business is off 40% some nights.

The plunge in popularity has been even worse for the agitators at Breitbart, where readership has dropped by halfsince the Mercers canned Steve Bannon. Of course, that’s not the Mercers’ biggest problem these days.

Politico is touting a new Savior of the Week for Democrats in 2020: New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, the guy who spoke so eloquently when his city took down its Confederate monuments. Democrats could do worse, and probably will.

Actress Cynthia Nixon is seriously running for governor of New York, which prompted an Andrew Cuomo aide — a lesbian herself — to call Nixon an “unqualified lesbian.” This has created controversy, not because of the “unqualified” part — everyone agrees that’s true — but because of Nixon’s unconventional sexuality. She married a woman, but previously dated only men, and rejects the “born this way” demand of the modern LGBT movement. So what is she? It’s complicated. And whatever she is, she’s still unqualified.

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  1. Paul says:

    I was never a fan of Cynthia Nixon. Too self-involved by half, even for an actress.

  2. RE Vanella says:

    Paul – Consider this. You don’t really know Cynthia Nixon. It’s always struck me as odd when people make a judgment about someone’s personality when they don’t know the person personally. Doesn’t follow.

    I hope she slays Cuomo. Guy’s the epitome of everything I despise. Nixon seems to have the politics I support.*

    (*Never thought I’d write that sentence.)

  3. nathan arizona says:

    Would rather not add to the celebrity-politician trend. She might not be the worst, but still. At least the Oprah moment seems to have passed.

  4. RE Vanella says:

    I think we should vote for politicians based on politics, but that’s just me.

  5. nathan arizona says:

    I’d go for the competence to govern, and the political skill and general acceptablility needed to defeat a conservative candidate from the other side.

  6. Alby says:

    I was in an outpatient surgery waiting room this morning when “The View” came on. First topic out of the box was Biden vs. Trump, complete with “Tale of the Tape.”

    Everyone agreed Biden was immature, but one of the hosts so eagerly riffed on Trump getting beaten up that Whoopi Goldberg had to break in and change topics.