The Dickiest Move Of All-Time?

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Donald Trump, via executioner Jeff Sessions, fires Andrew McCabe 26 hours before he’s set to retire.  After the Friday News Dump. You know, in order to screw him out of his full pension. Trump reacted in typical presidential fashion:

Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!

You see, the reason McCabe was allegedly fired was for ‘for not being forthcoming with investigators during an inspector general review.’  No evidence was provided. As if the Trump Administration views ‘not being forthcoming’ as a firing offense.

McCabe had been the victim of Trump’s ire ever since the firing of James Comey.  This article in The Hill spells it out:

Trump had repeatedly attacked McCabe, claiming that the former FBI official was biased against him and going after his wife’s connection to prominent Democrats.

“FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits. 90 days to go?!!!” Trump wrote in a tweet in late December amid news that McCabe would retire in the spring.

In other words, he planned to fire him all along. He just wanted to wait until the right moment when he could extract the most vengeance.

The good news is that this will backfire big-time.  Not only will this in no way impact McCabe’s credibility other than to enhance it, it will open up new avenues for the special prosecutor. Plus, this will do nothing to slow the meme that President Dennison is melting down.

I may be wrong, but this action might even give the Trump mouthbreathers pause.  They blame everybody else for their lot in life.  Including, no doubt in some cases, a boss who ‘done them wrong’.  Trump has now done the same thing to McCabe that Trump supporters have seen done to them.

Being a dick is what got Trump elected. Being a dick is what likely will cause his downfall.


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  1. puck says:

    As long as FOX pronounces McCabe to be an enemy, the mouthbreathers will be delighted by this move. On the other hand, pissing off the entire FBI will not end well for Trump.

  2. bamboozer says:

    Agreement with Puck, Trump’s base will buy this and begin the endless repetition game in earnest now, slandering McCabe and painting him as evil and corrupt. So will Fox News, as expected. Will McCabe file a lawsuit, and if so who will be the defendants? This is not over and Comey has a book coming out, interesting, yet pathetic, times we live it.

  3. puck says:

    I’m shedding no tears for McCabe. I certainly can’t retire at age 50, and most jobs don’t allow you to accrue that much leave.

    McCabe, a lifelong Republican, had officially stepped down from his post in late January but was using accrued leave to stay on the FBI’s payroll until his retirement date on Sunday, his 50th birthday. Being fired before his birthday means he’d have to wait several more years before he can draw a pension.

    McCabe, like Comey, may well have cost Democrats the Presidency, and is not someone we should be defending:

    While Trump has accused McCabe of having a political bias in favor of Clinton, the Justice Department’s forthcoming internal review suggests he may have actually authorized the disclosure of information that was damaging to the Clinton campaign.

    The report evidently says that McCabe authorized a discussion involving one of his top aides, the FBI’s chief spokesman and a Wall Street Journal reporter for a story, published Oct. 30, 2016, that included details of McCabe pushing back on Obama appointees in the Justice Department to continue an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

    FBI officials are barred from disclosing information about ongoing criminal investigations. The Justice Department’s inspector general recommended that Sessions fire McCabe as a result of the internal review, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

  4. RE Vanella says:

    McCabe was a cop.

  5. McCabe was forced out b/c he backed up Comey’s charges that Trump tried to get him to back off the Russian investigation. As were Comey and several other of Comey’s assistants.

    That’s the story.

    The issue isn’t shedding tears for him, the issue is an attempt to intimidate a key witness in the Mueller probe. Trump gloated over it. It’s not that difficult to understand.

  6. RE Vanella says:

    My comprehension of it isn’t the issue.

  7. puck says:

    I admit I haven’t gathered up all the pieces of this story yet.

  8. Trump’s lawyer uses McCabe firing as a pretext for demanding an end to investigation:

  9. RE Vanella says:

    Everything is a pretext for that.

  10. spktruth says:

    Face it..Trump is one cruel MF’r. The only reason he forced Sessions to fire him was because McCabe was one of the few who Comey informed after his meeting with Trump, therefore McCabe would have testifed for Comey. Sessions is terrifed of the madman in the White House…Trump could easily have fired Sessions. McCabe can back up Comey..its nothing more than a demonization of the entire FBI. I heard McCabe has lawyered up.

  11. bamboozer says:

    McCabe may be out of office but he is not free from being attacked by the ever vindictive Trump and his minions in the house and senate. Not surprised he’s lawyered up, both to protect and perhaps attack.

    • spktruth says:

      Are you reading about Cambridge Analytical ? Turns out they stole 50million facebook, google accounts for Trump/Bannon. Mass AG investigating…some sites (veteranstoday) say: Russia didn’t interfere in our election it was the GOP? Anyone know about this?

  12. Jasonn330 says:

    Knowing what is coming at her, Don Jr’s wife got a criminal defense lawyer in addition to a divorce lawyer.

    The Trumps are horrible scumbag lowlife dicks. There is no shitty dick move beneath them.

  13. The rampant criminality of both the election team and this administration is so blatant that their only chance to survive is to deep-six the Mueller investigation.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that McCabe’s firing and Dowd’s subsequent calling for an end to the investigation was coordinated.

    • spktruth says:

      So did Luis Guterize (?) this morning. Its pretty clear Mueller looking into the Trump Organization obviously an international crime syndicate will expose everything about Trump and his mafia friends.

  14. puck says:

    It is a standard procedural move for lawyers to call for charges to be thrown out, no matter what kind of deep doo-doo their client is in. Dowd calling for an end to the investigation is sort of an analogue to that.

    The question for the Trump team is, which are they more likely to survive: Firing Mueller or not firing him?

  15. Liberal Elite says:

    @p “I certainly can’t retire at age 50, and most jobs don’t allow you to accrue that much leave.”

    That’s beside the point. This is the deal that McCabe signed up for when he became an FBI agent. But the point is that Trump nixed that deal… And that’s an apparent warning to everyone in the FBI.

    People of McCabe’s caliber could make a LOT more money in private industry as an executive. That’s where he’s probably headed for his next job, though Trump may have made that more difficult for him.

    He should
    a) Sue for his job back and his pension. Demand a trial.
    b) Write a tell-all book
    c) get a job in a place where he can twist the knife. What would happen if Mueller hired him??

  16. This recommendation came down this week by the office of professional responsibility whose chief counsel was appointed during the Obama administration in 2011. The timing was dictated by a referral from the inspector general’s office and the ruling of OPR. The AG had a few days to decide, it really did not make a difference if it was yesterday or Wednesday. If what is being said is true, which we do not know until the report that OPR saw is true, then it is proper. We cannot have the Deputy Director of the FBI breaking the rules almost or even to the point where people are talking criminal charges without repercussions. I get tired of the top guys in government never being accountable like the little guys. If this were some field agent, hardly anyone would take notice. Now he has the right of appeal. If he is not guilty by preponderance of the evidence, I hope he gets his full benefits reinstated. If he is guilty, I think he should count himself lucky that he is not held to the same standard as people he put in prison for the same offences.

  17. Alby says:

    Since neither you, I nor anyone else knows the details about his firing, I find it amusing that you give so much credence to reports from people who have demonstrated no justification for your trust.

    Like all devil worshipers, you don’t even know the name of the guy you pray to every night. Hint: It’s not Jesus. You’re just another phony “religious” who doesn’t recognize Mammon when he sees him every day. There is a special place in hell for you. You’ll recognize everyone there. They all call each other “reverend.”

  18. Dave says:

    McCabe can appeal the adverse action, first review by an administrative judge, second appeal to the MSPB (Merit System Protection Board) and finally US Court of Appeals (unless he wants to go to the Supreme Court). Consider the speed at which the MSPB works Trump should be out of office by then.

    I’d file the appeal just on general principles and maybe even allege discrimination when it’s dismissed, which would go to the DC district court.

    If Trump had not repeatedly attacked McCabe the resultant action would not have appeared tainted, but when POTUS appears to be out to get you, and then you get got, it smells rotten. If it walks like a duck and quacks like duck…

  19. Dave says:

    The Washington Post reports that Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) has offered McCabe a job so that he can reach his full retirement age. Apparently it is a legitimate job offer. He has time in service (needs 20 as an LEO), but did not meet the age requirement (he is only 40 and needs to reach 50 years). Don’t know much about Congressional hiring rules. I guess they can hire anyone they want. So it should work for him.

    That’s not to say he should have that job. It depends on the circumstances for his termination. Since I don’t know all the facts, I’ll not pass judgment. Still, a sh***y thing for Trump/Sessions to do, but then that’s a feature of this administration.

  20. spktruth says:

    It’s so interesting that Mueller, McCabe and Rosenstein are all republicans…now republicans are eating their own.

  21. Ben says:

    Not so, spktruth. They are not republicans because they dont simper and scrape to Tr*mp.
    Unless you do those things, you aren’t a real Republican… conversely, calling yourself a Republican is the same thing as admitting that you love Tr*mp and his racist agenda more than you love America. The 2 are exactly the same thing now.

    • spktruth says:

      They were in the republican party before Trump and registered republicans. We know longer have a republican party . Its Trump Party, made up of alt right, naziesque, Ayn Rand followers. They don’t believe in the “common good”, they believe in greed, power and absolute selfishness. Paul Ryan and his co horts along with officials i.e. Betsey Devos all Ayn Rand followers. No heart, no soul, no morality. The citizens have been fighting this bunch of self serving, pathetic, fearmongers, since this country began. We had this problem right before 1929.