March 7 Open Thread: Reading the Texas Tea Leaves

Filed in National by on March 7, 2018

Texas held its primary elections yesterday, and Politico analyzes the results. For me, the biggest takeaway was that several candidates who topped their fields in fund-raising did not win their Democratic primaries. Second-biggest: Women ruled.

Stormy Daniels’ 15 minutes aren’t up yet. Her lawyer filed to have her non-disclosure agreement with Trump voided because Trump never signed it. The bigger more interesting part of the story is that it appears there are, um, photos.

Why do governments keep throwing gobs of money at corporations? For the headlines. These deals suck for taxpayers, but they pay off well for the politicians who want voters to believe that they’re doing it all for the common good, because the front-page headlines are immediate but the lack of results trickle in on the back pages.

The Daily Beast demonstrated that someone from the House Intelligence Committee leaked witness testimony to Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen. I wonder who could have done such a thing.

A longtime state rep from rural Pennsylvania was appointed to a post in the Trump HHS Philadelphia office, but the media paid attention mainly because Matt Baker once sponsored a bill that would have established a stripper registry. Go national with that and sell calendars and you’ll put the biggest dent in the national debt since Mike Castle put Caesar Rodney on the back of the quarter.

Trouble on the alt-right, as punchable-faced Richard Spencer’s college tour flounders amid legal obstacles and poor attendance. Seems they just don’t make Nazis like they used to.

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  1. No pre-game/post-game post today. Session has been cancelled.

  2. Albert Jackson says:

    Great post by Alby. I once had a friend by that name he work at a radio station and he was so good. The show went to shit after he vanished and I miss my friend Alby. He made me happy as a Gopher in soft dirt. I hope he lives long and prospers.

    Stormy Daniels, she is very special. She single handly took the head off the Rattle Snake with her law suite = The Snake has never denied his association with her so I believe everything she says is true. Stormy is so hot but she knows how to frost the stones of POTUS early and often. She is the star of the Reality show now.

  3. Alby says:

    @Albert: I’m still the same person. Good to hear from you.

  4. jason330 says:

    “The DCCC’s attack backfired, showing them to be a little toothless,” said a Democratic strategist, granted anonymity to talk candidly about party strategy. “And once the DCCC inserted itself, it became inevitable that the same ghosts of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Bernie Sanders and 2016 will pop up.”

    Great! Bad news for the DCCC is good news for America.

  5. RE Vanella says:

    They hang the man and flog the woman
    That steal the goose from off the common,
    But let the greater villain loose
    That steals the common from the goose.

    The law demands the we atone
    When we take things we do not own,
    But leaves the lords and ladies fine
    Who take things that are yours and mine.

    English Nursery Rhyme, c. 1764

  6. puck says:

    Oh lord, another dreary post about white men. No link because you know where to find it.

  7. Alby says:

    Well, lots of white men do have the habit of ascribing the misbehavior of one or a few individuals to their entire tribe, and they seem to resent it an awful lot when the same technique is turned against them. Just sayin’.

  8. Albert Jackson says:

    To: Alby
    I thought you had passed. Lazarus is what you will be known as to me.
    I’m glad you are engaged man. I missed you so. This fu**en gangster in the W/H is unbelievable. But in Mueller we trust. I hope he indicts him under RICO. Don’t laugh, all the ground work is coming into that realm.
    I have so much to tell you man it would take a week and half. I’m still in Smyrna ( not the prison) smiles. I’m in town on Tuesdays maybe we could lunch?

  9. Guns and God says:

    Mueller is a fool.

  10. Yo, G & G, you need to put a little more meat on the bones to hang around here. Up your game, or it’s sayonara.

  11. RE Vanella says:

    He’s a Republican law man who probably murdered villagers in ‘nam.

    Would have thought you’d dig that?

    Do you pray 5 times a day to Moloch?

  12. Alby says:

    I think he’s the same dingbat who keeps dropping hints about some Republican’s peccadilloes. I expunged just such a comment this morning.

  13. spktruth says:

    Who are these obvious hypocrite republicans who still support the Trumpster? What God are they praying too? 666 Fifth Ave. All these illegal deals Jared made while in the White House is an international crime syndicate.

  14. RE Vanella says:

    Drink your own pee to own the libs!

  15. puck says:

    Re DCCC attacks on Texas Dem primary candidate Laura Moser:

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Bernie Sanders is warning the Democratic Party not to attack its own candidates in primary battles, as happened in a Houston-area congressional race.

    The Vermont senator said it’s “appalling” that the party’s congressional campaign arm targeted Laura Moser ahead of Tuesday’s primary election…

    “What these organizations should not be doing is doing negative attacks on Democratic candidates,” said Sanders. “That just continues the process of debasing the Democratic system in this country and is why so many people are disgusted with politics.”

    What DCCC should be doing is to keep hands off until after the primary, then approach the winner and ask them what they need for their campaign.

  16. Jason330 says:

    You’d think.

  17. Ben says:

    I mean, It worked so well for them in the presidential race…. why not repeat it? The DNC gets WAY more contributions when they arent in power.

  18. Alby says:

    The DCCC and the DNC are separate entities. Why anyone would donate to either, thereby paying for overhead, instead of giving directly to candidates is unclear.

  19. RE Vanella says:

    A lot of consulting firms make a lot of money riding on the plodding machine. These people are “insiders” and “policy wonks” and “Bobby Mook”. They are afraid to do anything different.

    If the same shit fails over and over it’s fine. Conventional wisdom. Not their fault.

    These are garbage people who deserve mocking on the internet and ridicule in public.

  20. Alby says:

    I won’t even donate through Daily Kos anymore, because all these middlemen (middlepersons?) want to then take credit for your donation.

    It’s no harder to go directly to somebody’s site, unless you consider a half-dozen extra clicks too much to navigate.