March 5 Open Thread: Carper, Coons Sell Out for Handful of Magic Bipartisan Beans

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Delaware’s underwhelming Senate duo makes an appearance in this story of how Dodd-Frank was doomed by Democrats eager to appear bipartisan. All the other Democrats featured are in red states that back Trump; glossed over are the reasons for Carper’s and Coons’ perfidy. These Democrats, Politico declares, are hungry to show they can make Washington work again, no matter what it costs.

Primary season is upon us — not in Delaware, but in places like Texas and Illinois, where some incumbent Democrats and “mainstream” challengers are feeling the heat from upstarts who are tired of being told progressives can’t have nice things.

Will Bunch looks at corporate leadership on the gun issue and states the obvious: Our corporate overlords are bypassing the politicians in determining How Things Will Be. We have a voice not as citizens but as consumers.

Josh Marshall surveys the wreckage of the John Kelly-Jared Kushner war in the White House and concludes that if Kushner’s business interests really set off a war in the Middle East, the rot and corruption go deeper than we dared to imagine.

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  1. Alby says:

    Also, too, Axios has an article based on Cowen & Co.’s Washington Research Group analysis of the midterms, and they make an interesting point: Trump’s voters, like Obama’s, probably won’t turn out to vote for generic members of the president’s party. As the report puts it, “You do not drain the swamp by reelecting the establishment and the deep state.”

  2. jason330 says:

    (Trump is) scared and looking for a way out. But he can’t seem to find one. It’s all escalating. And we’ve learned over the last week that President Trump’s racket with Russia may be only one facet of his family’s political corruption. The level of apparent corruption, interlaced with numerous constitutional landmines, is beyond our national experience.

    I’ve always said that Trump will stand for reelection and possibly win. I’m backing off that now. Right now I think that outcome is 50/50 with a full and far reaching pardon (the greatest pardon ever!) by President Mike Pence.

  3. Dana Garrett says:

    So, Jason, do you think Trump will resign and, therefore, not run for reelection?

  4. spktruth says:

    Trump will resign for his crimes rather than be impeached…just like Nixon.

  5. spktruth says:

    Why the hell are Coons & Carper supporting this legislation? They join dems (republicrats) who are facing re election in red states? BS on their voting for bipartisanship reasons? We need progressive ‘s to run against these cretins.

  6. LE: That was AWESOME!