March 4 Open Thread: Only Now Are Trump’s Friends Worried

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The headlines have been chilling. Lots of outlets are running stories that claim Trump’s friends are starting to worry about his mental state. Oh, great. That basically means “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” At least with Nixon, it wasn’t until years later that we learned he was talking to the portraits on the walls. Republicans in Congress, meanwhile, continue to play the same fiddle tune Nero did all those years ago.

Nixon also had the common sense not to indulge his fantasies to others, something Trump is incapable of doing, so yesterday he mused that China might have the right idea with this president-for-life thing.

This Virginia Heffernan story is about how shady skank Ivanka Trump is just as bad as her father, but its real value is in laying out the connections between the “legitimate world” of the U.S. and its allies and the “corrupt world” of kleptocratic Third-World nations plus Russia.

[Sen. Sheldon] Whitehouse sketched a new bipolar world order, in which the so-called legitimate world, which includes the United States, is not at war with, but rather deeply enmeshed in, the corrupt one, where governments are built on bribery, kleptocracy, electoral fraud, slush funds, legal plunder and nepotism.

Some guy shot and killed himself outside the White House yesterday. Unfortunately, it was the wrong guy.

Now I know why they keep Devin Nunes around — even Trump looks sane by comparison. After Steven Colbert ripped him as a “failed clone of Steve Carrell,” Nunes whimpered to Fox News that Colbert was a danger to the country because “conservatives are under attack.” Oh, you got that part right, buddy. Better run away. Try Russia. I hear they’re hiring.

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  1. “Crooks seeking legitimacy are not fenced out in America. The U.S. is teeming with enablers champing at the bit to serve rich thugs: lawyers, lobbyists, bankers, security firms, consultants and PR people.”

    The State of Delaware, with its incorporation laws, is one of those enablers.

  2. jason330 says:

    The outlets (mostly online) that cover Trump closely have been reporting that the time lag between what he hears on ‘Fox and Friends’ and what he tweets is shortening and becoming more transparent.

    I’m not optimistic about ‘Fox and Friends’ wielding its power judiciously.

  3. puck says:

    It is important to remember Trump is still not our worst president in living memory. That honor belongs to George W. Bush, who got us (and kept us) into the Great Recession and the war of choice in Iran. Trump has done nothing comparable (although he retains great potential to eclipse Bush).

  4. Liberals Are Weenies says:

    Trump is fine, the establishment whiners are not.