March 3 Open Thread: The Scold Has No Clothes

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It’s not just me who thinks Kevin Ohlandt made an ass of himself by trying to smear Rep. Mike Ramone .

Fealty to the NRA might finally have become a political loserHere’s how they’ve gotten away with it for so long.

Yep, this guy is Director of the Environmental Protection Agency.  And, yep, willful ignorance is indeed a prerequisite for serving in this Administration.

Dear Lord, will there be no surcease of sorrow for the Potters?  All they want to do is serve the public,  but that pesky court system constantly gets in the way.  My dad had a word for people like the Potters: Deadbeats.

Speaking of deadbeats, pedophile would-be Sen. Roy Moore is facing a crisis of conscience cash flow.  This self-styled victim needs God and you to fund his legal expenses. I hear that God’s away on business. (OK, you got me, I’m helpin’ Alby out on this one…El Som).

Carper and Coons’ highest priority? Taking care of Citibank and its…ilk.  Featuring more bullshit from Tom Carper:

Delaware’s Carper, like Coons, co-sponsored the bill late, citing added consumer protections for winning over his support. Some of his concerns were alleviated, he told The Intercept, when he learned that Barney Frank himself was behind the bill. “One of the concerns I’ve heard is that somehow the legislation is going to tear apart Dodd-Frank and I’m told this is just hearsay, but I’m told that Barney Frank was quoted as saying that for the most part it leaves Dodd-Frank alone.”

Frank said that Carper was misinformed. “Of course it changes Dodd-Frank. What I said is that it doesn’t change 90 percent of Dodd-Frank,” Frank told The Intercept.

On Thursday, Frank took to the webpage of CNBC to elaborate. “If I were still a member of Congress, I would vote no on this package,” he wrote.

Yet one more lie from one of the toadiest toads for the largest banks in the world. I beg you to read this entire article in the Intercept.  If you didn’t have Carper and Coons in your electoral sights before now, you will after you read it.

Your comments, please.


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  1. puck says:

    From the internets:

    I feel like every time a Trump employee quits, Oompa Loompas should appear & sing a song to teach us about the perils of gluttony & greed.

  2. puck says:

    I have no problem with naked pool parties, and I wouldn’t have made an issue of it myself. On the other hand, we do need to replace Ramone with a Democrat. if Kevin’s attempted smear causes a hundred or two would-be Republican voters to stay home, or causes wishy- washy indies to vote D instead of R, then Kevin will have been a useful idiot.

  3. jason330 says:

    By torturing a Barney Frank quote to imply his approval, Carper reveals two things. 1) He is a squirming lying lowlife. 2) He is a rattled squirming lying lowlife.

    I think Carper knows that he is being exposed. Help turn Carper’s exposure into a full blown naked pool party by supporting Kerri Harris.

    The Kerri Harris campaign against Carper IS the point of the spear in terms of challenging him.

  4. chris says:

    if the Harris campaign can get the info out about this and other issues over the last 18 years, she can win the primary….. need to build a door to door army and get the excellent opp research into the lit pieces. Get those to 35-40 k likely primary voters and she has a shot! Need some serious shoe leather and volunteers.

  5. Gerry W says:

    But no one will touch the Diamond State Supreme Court ruling that sent a harsh message to “BULLIES”, remember all the anti-bullying hysteria. Dodge Ball is sickening brutality forced upon the weakest and most impressionable in our Society, kicking someone to death in a School Bathroom is just teens acting out. Wonder how Gary voted on that one? By the way I think Wikipedia got a few things wrongs about Gary but so what it’s Wikipedia. Old defense Lawyer that he is, I’ve been following Gary’s rulings since I was surprised by his elevation. I always liked Gary, 25 years ago if you told me he would end up on the highest Bench I might have smiled and not believed you. Seems to favor the defendant not quite what you expect from a Republican. I think Gary might have voted Republican once or twice in a Levy Court election, but he does bring balance to the Court in many cases, I say that sincerely. Seems none of our Intrepid Investigative Journalists WDEL, NJ could quite muster up the courage to report who on the Court voted how. And Kevin Ohlandt making an Ass of himself, in his case he has a closet full of shoes that fit and he’s wearing one most of the time.

  6. Gerry W says:

    As for Kerri Harris may your future be bright. Dear Ms. Harris please present the Public with as many examples as possible of Carper lying on camera, on tape and in print as possible they are very effective. Maryland (Eastern Shore) had a Republican Congressman, Wayne Gilchrest, who had a tendency to make outrageous claims through various media then absolutely deny them. Once, twice OK he was a politician, but over and over and over. But this is you on video making this statement isn’t it Congressman? I still never said that. Even the Republican Party said ” might have to back away from this guy”. Of course Carper still has that family and health card he can play. I’m stepping down for health reasons and to spend more time with my family. We’d understand Tom, you earned a rest, just do it.

  7. Dave says:

    Stream of consciousness

  8. Alby says:

    More like stream of unconsciousness.

  9. Liberals Are Weenies says:

    Stream of stupidity=liberals.

  10. Alby says:

    Shouldn’t you be calling Moe’s about now?

  11. RE Vanella says:

    This new one is a dullard.