Jason330 Fixes the World – Episode XXVI (Reposted)

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This got buried in election coverage, but for the record – my plans does fix the world. If you doubt it, read on….and be amazed.

Jason330 Fixes the World – Episode XXVI
November 11, 2015
I’ve been stewing about what is wrong with the American Left, Democrats and the Democratic Party for a long time. What’s I’ve arrived as is a pretty simple realization. The American left, and the Democratic Party need to adopt a more explicitly parliamentary working relationship. They need to officially and formally cooperate in order to stop ceding political power to Republicans. I’m not sure what that official cooperation would look like. Perhaps like in some parliamentary systems, a fixed number of cabinet chairs would be reserved for the left. Whatever it is, both sides would have to give something and both sides would need to get something out of the deal. Who knows that the treaty of reconciliation would include, but one thing is clear. The left vs center bickering which cedes political power to the GOP is killing this country. That is simply an objective fact.

I realize that there are two big hurdles for this plan to overcome. 1) The Corporatist Democratic Party is enjoying the status quo immensely and doesn’t feel the need to “fix” anything – LEAST of all fix the non-broken system by giving power to environmentalist, peacniks and socialists vegans. 2) The Green Party, Progressive Dems, and other left of center groups view the Democratic Party with utter contempt (for good reason), and wholly beneath doing business with.

Are these hurdles insurmountable? Maybe. But what if Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton got the ball rolling? The very idea of the two candidates that so well represent their type of politics getting their heads together gives me hope that there is a glimmer of a sliver of a shade of a chance that something like this could happen.


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  1. Stan Merriman says:

    Dream on. Sadly, the autocratic left does not recognize the art of negotiation or compromise, unlike the left in Europe. Compromise and incremental progress are viewed as selling out.
    I spent a number of years working with hard lefties as a volunteer at a Pacifica Radio station, part of a 5 station network created in the 40’s. Google it. Their story is tragic and amazing. Hard lefties of many different strips, with some Dems, populated a board at both national and state levels and their inability to come together with some common sense process, structure and policy has driven it to bankruptcy. They make congressional gridlock look halfway sane. My experience there has convinced me of the hopelessness of the hard left ever leading.
    For that matter, look at the dizzying array of left organizations whirling around the Democratic Party, seldom working together, often duplicating efforts and seldom coalescing with one voice. The name of their game is fragmentation. I am hoping that at least temporarily the left comes together in 2018, but I fear it will be quite temporary.

  2. jason330 says:

    I’m afraid you are right. Perhaps there is a chance that younger voices will be committed liberals AND able to work with people they don’t agree with 100%?

    I’d also add that the corporate Dems that are so willing to negotiation or compromise with Republicans are never open to any kind of cooperation or discussions with the hard left.

  3. Dave says:


    You were with KPFA? Used to call it “radical radio.” Listened to it on the way to work in the mornings in the SF Bay Area on my to work at Lawrence Livermore and Berkeley labs. Thought it was a good counter balance to my work. While they had some valid points, they were often unintentional hilarious. They also did some pretty weird elevator type music which was pretty soothing during the commute.
    They had some union trouble and basically a internal revolution a number of years ago. I thought that was a bit ironic.

    I used to contribute just because they were so much fun. It had to be anonymous, cause I couldn’t have it show up anywhere because of the job.

    Good ol’ KPFA. Them were days when real communists were calling out the man!