Even good media sucks these days

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I’m a big TPM fan, but just check out this stupid headline:

Kushner Security Clearance Downgrade May Affect Mideast Peace Effort

Now check out the stupid lede:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The loss of his top-secret clearance may be problematic for White House adviser and presidential son-in-law Jared Kushner as he oversees the U.S. effort to develop a Mideast peace accord.

Are we really supposed to believe that this puts a kink in some “efforts” the U.S. is putting toward Mideast peace? What a load of shit.

Now read on:

On another front, The New York Times reports that two companies made loans worth more than half a billion dollars to Kushner’s family real estate firm after executives met with Kushner at the White House.

A spokeswoman for Kushner Cos. says rejects the implication that Kushner’s position in the White House affected the company’s long-standing relationships with lenders.

It seems like that is the story. Not some make believe pretending that the Trump’s dumb son in law is “oversees” anything. And BTW – Who thinks one of the “lenders” with a long-standing relationship is Deutsche Bank? The very bank Carper is trying to protect with his regulations roll back. I’ve got ten bucks that says Deutsche Bank is one of those lenders.

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  1. jason330 says:

    It was Citi bank and Apollo.

  2. Gerry W says:

    Tom Carper is from the Progressive-wing of the Democratic Party and puts the average Citizen before the demands of the Corporate Powers, I know because he often says so.