On Presidential Heroism

Filed in National by on February 26, 2018

Donald Trump today made his most deranged statement yet since assuming his office, claiming that, had he been there, he would have confronted the Parkland school shooter even without a gun.

Let’s establish some facts here: If your 10-year-old said that, you’d think it was cute and brave. If your 20-year-old said it you’d get him a psychological evaluation. If a 30-year-old said it you’d tell him to sleep it off. And so on. We, however, are going to pretend that this is not a reflection of a mind in severe decline and possibly dementia. And to think that some Republicans bitch about hiding FDR’s physical infirmity or JFK’s affairs. They’re not even bothering to hide this — they just intend to ignore it and expect us to do the same.

That aside, though, it should be pointed out that among his predecessors are men who, if not heroes, certainly proved their bravery in combat; JFK and
George H.W. Bush spring to mind. And who can forget Trump’s despicable denunciation of Sen. John McCain for being captured by the North Vietnamese. I guarantee Trump has never bothered to learn what McCain suffered through as a result of being captured.

That the man is a disgrace to himself, his office and the United States of America is beyond question. The question is when Republicans will feel enough shame to do something about it.

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  1. jason330 says:

    I think we all know that Republicans will never feel enough shame to do something about Trump’s dementia. For one thing, they can’t feel shame. For another, loyalty to their leader is more important to them than loyalty to the country.

  2. Alby says:

    I don’t know how any American could watch that and not feel shame and embarrassment for him. I’m not even talking about hating him here. This is “Death of a Salesman” stuff.