The NRA Loves School Shootings

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Dana “Super Hot Mom” Loesch tried to score points the other day by claiming the media “loves” school shootings because they like grieving white moms. She claimed it’s good for ratings, which, in fairness, it is. As always, though, the charge is more aptly applied to the conservatives making the accusation: The NRA represents gun makers and sellers, who almost always see sales increase after a massacre, supposedly because people fear a gun ban and want to stock up while they’re legal. Whatever the reason, massacres make good bid’ness for people in the death trade.

Therefore, if the media loves shootings for ratings, the NRA must love shootings for sales.

Indeed, the realization begs the next step: We are frequently told by ammosexuals that these shootings are staged — supposedly by the left, so that the government (never “the people,” whom the government supposedly represents) will ban guns in response. Yet guns are rarely banned; the ban on certain high-powered anti-personnel rifles were for a decade, but the ban was reversed 14 years ago. So the only established link between mass shootings and anything measurable is gun sales. Therefore, if such atrocities have been staged, it is more likely to be by the people who already have the guns, a professed willingness to use them, and motive to commit mass murder: the gun people. QED.

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  1. puck says:


    Logic doesn’t work on these people. It’s time for rage.