Taking money from the NRA disqualifies you from running for office as a Democrat

Filed in National by on February 24, 2018

The original headline over the story read “Taking one cent, ever, from the NRA should disqualify you from ever running for office as a Democrat”

I’m not that hard line. I’m willing to cut some slack on past NRA contributions (provided they are publicly disavowed), but have zero tolerance for any going forward. Times have changed. The NRA was once a sportsman’s association. It isn’t now, and it hasn’t been that for a long time.

New Jersey State Senator Jeff Van Drew wants to run for Congress as a Democrat; he visited 17-year-old Emily McGrath’s school, Egg Harbor Township High, where McGrath questioned him about whether he’d taken money from the NRA; Van Drew said he hadn’t, and he was lying.

McGrath followed up with Van Drew at a Democratic primary debate, and confronted him about his lie — and the fact that he has a 100% approval rating on the NRA’s ammosexual purity scorecard, thanks to his repeated votes against even modest state gun-control rules, and his introduction of legislation to make it easier to get a handgun.

Van Drew is endorsed by the DCCC.

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  1. Alby says:

    I don’t require them to be anti-gun, just anti-NRA.

  2. bamboozer says:

    Same here, use your guns properly and I have no issue with you, it’s the support of the NRA and their agenda that I reject.