Song Of The Day: Feb. 23, 2018

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I know why Alby didn’t like yesterday’s selection.  He’s not a fan of any sort of country/rock hybrid.  He’s a fan of trad country. He’s a purist. As in, “Son, there’s only five country songs that’s ever been wrote.”

This one, sung by the voice of God (if God was an ex-con), is definitely a descendant of one of those five songs:

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  1. bamboozer says:

    Greetings from an old downstate musician, here’s the story on country music in this state: Traditional country as in Willy, Waylon, Johnny Cash etc. is the property of the over 40 set, they tend not to like modern country at all. They call it “rock”, “bro country” and an assortment of other names. Modern country is beloved of the young, as is rap (figure that one out!). I like and play both, there’s good stuff in the old and new, but I listen to neither. As I play all over the place I can assure you country is more popular in the south of the state, but sells well in all parts of the state. So there!

  2. Alby says:

    Exactly. It’s like blues. Upbeat, fun “blues” is not blues at all, since nobody’s wife done left them.

    Same with country. If I can’t cry in my beer over it, it ain’t country.

    Travis’ voice is the real deal. So is his habit of getting drunk in parking lots.