Know Your Firearm Fondlers: State Sen. Anthony Delcollo

Filed in National by on February 23, 2018

Of all the blood-soaked members of the General Assembly’s gun caucus, none is more odious that Anthony Delcollo, the little turd who defeated Patty Blevins for the 7th District Senate seat that runs from his native Marshallton in the south to Hercules Road in the north. He used a ton of gun money to do it — he’s the only candidate for whom both the NRA and its local branch, the DSSA, maxed out with $600 donations.

Even worse, the new Tiny Tony actively promotes putting guns into the wrong hands. Don’t believe me? He admits it himself in his profile for the law firm where he works, Offit Kurman:

His practice regarding the right to keep and bear arms/the Second Amendment focuses on assisting individuals with denials of concealed carry permits and assisting them with the restoration of rights/relief from disabilities process.

We can’t vote Tiny Tony out of office until 2020, but we can demand he return his blood-soaked donations to the merchants of death.

Oh, and Offit Kurman: Consider what this does for your public profile before the protesters start marching outside your offices at 1201 N. Orange St., or calling Delcollo at (302) 351-0903 to demand he return his bloody cash.



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  1. RE Vanella says:

    oh, wow. A demonstration outside 1201 N Orange, you say?

    That’s another thing that’s happening, FYI. Once we have those groups trained up we’ll be out in the real world making life miserable for politicians and their enablers on the regular.

    So I’ll get to meet many of you very, very soon.

  2. Alby says:

    Oh, I would never organize such a thing. I’m agoraphobic. Just putting it out there. You know, I can’t be held responsible for what other people might do with the information.

  3. mediawatch says:

    Even worse … the folks at the State Chamber of Commerce might think you’re demonstrating against THEM.

  4. Alby says:

    Great. Two birds, one stone. The State Chamber has as much blood on its hands as anyone.

  5. jason330 says:

    Soft on gun crime. This guy is a huge supporter of school shootings. He is on the board of the NRA’s Delaware operation:

  6. Joshua W says:

    This is very petty, but that beard is not working for Senator Del Collo.

  7. jason330 says:

    I agree. It is petty, and he looks like a doofus.

  8. 2018: NCC Council?

    2020: Delaware State Senate?

    If we play our cards right, maybe Jordyn Pusey makes it to the State Senate by 2020. Much better that than a Patti Blevins comeback.

  9. Alby says:

    @Josh: I think it’s his victory beard. He didn’t grow it until he won office. In his earlier, clean-shaven mug shot he looked too young to be eligible for the job.

  10. jason330 says:

    Actually, it is nearly impossible to find an unflattering picture of the guy online. Horrible politics, but he takes a good picture.

    I think this one predates his run for office.

  11. Alby says:

    I stand corrected, then. In that case I’d have to say the beard makes him look older. The one that ran during the campaign made him look about 22.

    I dunno why he’s such a gun nut, unless it’s to drum up business challenging concealed-carry denials. People who know about such things tell me it’s harder to get a permit here than many other states, but that’s just what I’ve been told informally by friends.

    And yes, I have friends who own guns. Owning guns does not make one a gun nut. Defending personal ownership of military-grade weapons makes one a gun nut. The NRA and DSSA support that ownership, which makes them gun nuts.