Bethany Hall Long Accepted NRA Blood Money – Yes, it is a big deal

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Some commenters here have tried to say that it isn’t a big deal that Bethany Hall Long and other Democrats accepted NRA blood money.  To those commenters let me ask, would it be a big deal if Bethany Hall Long took a measly fifty bucks from the ANL (American Necrophilia League)?   Would it be a big deal if Pete Schwarzkopf  accepted a paltry $100.00 from the NGFA (National Goat Fuckers Association)?   It would be a big deal indeed.

While those unsavory organizations don’t exist*, the very unsavory NRA does exists.   And ANY money from that immoral, sociopathic organization paid out to ANY politician is blood money plain and simple.  By accepting campaign donations from this heinous organization, they’ve given bi-partisan cover to the NRA’s blood thirsty operations. Bethany Hall Long, and all Democrats who accepted NRA blood money  must address the fact that they’ve been paid by the organization that facilitates mass murder.

Why did she take it?

What did the NRA get in return for the money?

How many more children will be slaughtered before the money is returned?

Bethany Hall-Long


*The NGFA does exist, but it stand for National Grain and Feed Association.  The ANL (American Necrophilia League) may or may not exist.  I didn’t google it to check.


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  1. Jason330 says:

    Another story brewing here is the. Consortium of north easter governors that are taking action in the absence of federal action. Why is Carney not involved? Did he opt out ?

  2. SussexAnon says:

    What is her voting record?

  3. Alby says:

    @SA: Don’t care. A nurse, of all professions, should know better than to take gun money.

    Unless she gives the money back, publicly, out with her. She’s a neoliberal (read: phony liberal) with ambition. Out with her.

    The new standard is not simply refusing their money. If you don’t condemn these “sportsmen’s” organizations for what they actually are, you are not a liberal or progressive and don’t deserve the votes of such.

  4. jason330 says:

    Every elected Dem has some sappy story about going duck hunting with Dad. I’m sure BHL does. That’s fine. Keep that story. Today’s NRA has nothing to do with that story.

    Keep the NRA’s money and you are supporting free unfettered access to military weapons. Keep the NRA’s money and you support mass murder. It really IS that simple.

  5. Paula says:

    Not sure which post is best place for this NRA-Delaware related info. In any case, here goes. I got curious about who the NRA really represents and after clearing all my browser’s cookies (so as not to comingle left and right), went to the website. Click, click, click. Sidetracked. Ended up on a page for events in my state.

    Here’s the next Friends of the NRA event in Delaware, at the Modern Maturity Center in Dover, April 20. For tickets, contact Mark Carlson of

    The annual report of the NRA Foundation (, a 501(c)(3), shows these organizations received grants from this foundation:
    Delaware, $23,072 (total grants)
    Boy Scouts of America, Del-Mar-Va Council
    NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund [a branch of this in Delaware?]]
    University of Delaware [[no detail given]]

    Other avenues to look for in terms of following the money are the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, NRA Freedom Action Foundation, and NRA Special Contribution Fund.

    Maybe I’ll find some other interesting info, if so will post here.

  6. Alby says:

    Thank you, Paula.

  7. Paula says:

    NRA Political Victory Fund – Delaware

    NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund grant in DE in 2016 may have been for this case: Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club v. Small, et al., which the NRA eventually won: (scroll down to Delaware)

    NRA Ring of Freedom — donors who give more than $1K per year:
    Looks like individuals as opposed to companies. I searched the site for “delaware” and the only hit (sorry) was for a staff member, apparently no Delaware donors belong to this.

    Anyway, finally found what I was looking for elsewhere:
    from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence — shows where NRA money goes
    “The authors conclude that the majority of the NRA’s lobbying, education, training and publication activities operate to benefit a private interest: the firearms and ammunition industry.”