Will “soft on mass murder” have electoral legs?

Filed in National by on February 21, 2018

Nothing demonstrates the GOP’s perfidy like its relationship with the NRA. A positive rating from the NRA should be every bit as poisonous as a positive rating from NABLA. Money from the NRA should be the kiss of death. There is a clear relationship that doesn’t leave the GOP with blood on its hands so much as it leaves it standing in a pool of blood up to its waist.

But will it have legs? By nature I am an optimist. Otherwise I wouldn’t be a liberal. But my optimism about America has been ground down to the very nubs by 20 years of all out GOP assholery and the Democratic Party’s obsequiousness.

And yet, something does feel like it is stirring. A fresh breeze is blowing out of Florida. That breeze is knitting together with an awakening among women, and it almost feels like a rising tide of activism might swamp the NRA’s influence along with the D’s who have done so much damage by doing nothing.


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  1. Alby says:

    The most important part of this is to get them on video defending the indefensible. Let them spread their wingnut feathers for all to see. The people who actually worship at the Church of the GOP are relatively few in number compared to the number of us who see their bullshit for what it is.

    Here’s a clip of a Florida lawmaker who voted against gun control yesterday explaining that he did too think of the dead students — look, he said, I’m wearing a ribbon for them!

    Normal people see that and know it’s fucked up. So as Joe Strummer said, Give ‘Em Enough Rope.