Open Thread Feb. 19: Marching As to War

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The kids at that Florida high school have learned something important: All the talk in the world won’t influence politicians. They do a lot of talking themselves, so they know how little it’s worth. So the Florida students are taking action, organizing a March on Washington for March 24. Republicans are going to find out once and for all that nobody outside their fat, waddling core buys their bullshit.

The fight against the Republican Party is no longer a fight with a partner in governance. It is a fight for the survival of self-government, and in that fight no Republican should be spared. For example, this hand-wringing about Trump judges accepts the notion that we are powerless before the GOP’s perfidy. We’re not. Judges can be impeached, and Jill Abramson makes the case that we should get to workimpeaching Clarence Thomas over the lies he told to get his job.

I can find no stronger indictment of the inadequacy of The News Journal than the fact that, having missed Tom Wagner’s retirement announcement, it then buried the news in the peevishly childish way it should be famous for. It didn’t break the story, therefore it’s not a story. Never fear, though — the paper managed to find a Delaware native who’s a screenwriter for a hit TV show and plays that story far more prominently on its web page. I’m not saying that’s not a story — it is, if you’re reading the Bumblefuck Gazette. It’s the kind of story that newspapers in small towns run to demonstrate to the rest of the peckerwoods that someone occasionally finds his way out.

The State News, by contrast, highlights Delaware’s poor standing in Gallup’s “well-being” index — a debatable “statistic,” to be sure, but give the paper credit for bringing bad news to its semi-literate audience. Today’s State News also carries an op-ed by Rep. Ruth Briggs King about the high cost of emergency transport that ought to embarrass whoever handles her PR, considering she all but admits she’s done no homework outside of a single phone call before taking keyboard in hand to opine.

Oh, look. The unmitigated ass who destroyed the American Green Party, Russian stooge Jill Stein, comes unglued when asked about how cozy she is with the Russians. I’m not saying the Green Party was any great force for good, but it’s now as dead as ACORN.

Why do I think it’s important to fight the Russians? Well, they were all aboard goosing “public” sentiment against Al Franken. I’m not against the Russians because they’re Russian, though that’s actually good enough reason for me. I’m against them because they’re aiding my enemy.

If you enjoy terrible renditions of the national anthem, we have a treat for you: Fergie, whom nobody ever accused of having talent, butchered the song as badly as anyone has ever recorded. If you’re scared to follow the link — and you should be — suffice it to say she drew it out to Bleeding Gums Murphy length while doing a Jessica Rabbit impersonation. Actually, it’s worse than that makes it sound.

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  1. bamboozer says:

    Fergie’s rendition is an insult to just about anything you’ve got, I lasted about four words ( and still regret it). The News Journal and The State News: Behold two primary reasons why the print media is dying. Noticed the high school survivors are being attacked as “actors” and assorted other ignorance, and of course everything remains Obama’s fault, “4,000 dead in Chicago and Obama did nothing!” seems popular and rather Bot Like as it’s always the same. As for Jill Stein she’s a Putin worshipper from way back, thanks to her I’ll never vote Green again.

  2. Alby says:

    Those four words took about 30 seconds out of your life.

    Agreed, Stein closed the door on the Greens forever for me, and I consider the environment the No. 1 issue in politics. Being a dupe doesn’t look good on anyone.

  3. meatball says:

    I heard Colin Kaepernick stood up and told Fergie to stop disrespecting the anthem.

  4. jason330 says:

    I know late night TV show jokes, and that is a quality late night TV show joke.

  5. Alby says:

    Wow. Thanks for the link.

    This packs an incredible number of neoliberal signifiers into one sentence:

    “the DDD initiative’s goal is to use a relatively small amount of public funding to help attract new development in once-thriving central corridors that are now blighted by vacant buildings and economic stagnation.”

  6. RE Vanella says:

    Installing mayor Mike really paid off.

  7. Alby says:

    Better than Williams. What I don’t know is why Buccini-Pollin hated Kevin Kelley so much they preferred Williams to him, because tossing Montgomery into that race was never going to have any other outcome.

    Why they preferred Mike to Eugene Young is obvious.

  8. waterpirate says:

    That was bad. Bad enough to edge out Rosanne for the worst ever is the Q.

  9. delacrat says:

    You will “never vote Green again” because Ms. MSNBC’s speculative insinuations are as good as facts for you.

  10. Alby says:

    I have voted Green in presidential elections every time a Green has run. I expect a Green Party candidate to do better than troll for anti-vaxxer votes. I expect her to talk more about the environment than express her pique with the medical-industrial complex. It’s the one chance every four years to get the message out and she spent the time compiling a mailing list and asking for money.

    Don’t tell me my motives, asshole. Yours are the ones that are suspect.

  11. So. ““(T)he DDD initiative’s goal is to use a relatively small amount of public funding to help attract new development in once-thriving central corridors that are now blighted by vacant buildings and economic stagnation.”

    Explain to me how handing Buccini-Pollin $52K for ‘renovation of the bar inside the Queen Theater’ accomplishes that task. The Queen is now run by Live Nation, the Darth Vader of the music industry. Why the bleep should taxpayers pick up that tab instead of the assholes who charge $10 for a Bud Lite?

    It’s also about time that someone investigates (I know, I know) the ongoing ties between Mayor Mike and Buccini Pollin. They go back a long way. And Buccini Pollin is sure raking it in since Purzycki took over.

  12. Paul says:

    Democrats should not run against Trump in the mid-terms. Democrats should run against the Republican brand, and should be fluent in defining that brand as the occasion arises. The absurd negativity of the Republicans is for a public conditioned by the media to accept any bullshit. “It’s a NEW pain reliever”… morphs seamlessly into “Thoughts and Prayers” and Mr. and Mrs. Average America are too jaded to notice. I hope the kids in Florida deliver a collective kick in the ass to the rest of us, because it’s way past time to wake the hell up. This isn’t advertising, friends, this is the end of your only government. And after that, you won’t even get “thoughts and prayers” from anyone.

  13. Alby says:

    @El Som: I think that’s known as “normal constituent service” in certain quarters.

  14. puck says:

    Fergie’s anthem wasn’t as bad as I expected from the comments.