Buy My Policy or I’ll Shoot These Kids — And When I Do, It’ll Be Your Fault

Filed in National by on February 16, 2018

That’s Trump’s thuggish, dull-witted position on the DACA issue. He rescinded Obama’s executive order protecting the Dreamers, and now he’s demanding that Democrats spend all their political capital protecting them or out they go. In any other context, you’d call it hostage-taking.

The sad part is that this works on some people. You didn’t have to dig very deepon the liberal portion of the internet last week to find bitter invective about Democrats “selling out” these unfortunate victims.

What we must realize is simple: The ones pushing this divisive narrative hardest are hardcore anti-immigrant conservatives. We liberal/progressives often misinterpret this. We think they want to preserve a white society, when what they really seek to preserve is government by their Republican minority, which just happens to be white. They care a lot more about winning than they do about racial purity.

Their tribe isn’t all white people. It’s Republicans.

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  1. Maybe Trump should just reimpose Obama’s Executive Order, with enough changes to give him plausible deniability that he was doing the exact same thing that Obama did.

    Problem solved.