No News Journal Coverage of Kerri Harris Announcement?

Filed in National by on February 11, 2018

Yesterday I was wondering how the NJ was going to cover the event in Wilmington. Today I’m still wondering. Is the NJ really passing on this?

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  1. SussexWatcher says:

    In their minds, they broke the story. That’s sufficient coverage for them. Attending actual events (of any sort) is viewed as a waste of time. Marching orders are to get it in advance if possible or play catch-up a few days later after it’s been reported by WDEL, the State News, the Cape Gazette or the AP.

    In fairness, they don’t cover any campaign kickoff events these days. They’ll cover when someone files or just wait until they do a campaign preview story months later.

  2. jason330 says:

    In the bad old days they would have covered it in order to take a crap on it. So, progress!!!

    Also, it is nice not having to read Celia Cohen’s take on it.

  3. jason330 says:

    Carper’s reply: “Over the past year, I’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from Delawareans corporations who tell me they’re proud of the work I’m doing for them in Washington, and I know that I have plenty more work to do.”

  4. Alby says:

    I’m calling his office tomorrow morning to tell him I’m not proud of the work he’s doing and I’ll be voting for his primary opponent.

  5. mediawatch says:

    I’ll challenge my friend Alby on his endorsement of one of SW’s observations:
    “Attending actual events (of any sort) is viewed as a waste of time.”
    If the event is on the governor’s calendar and promotes economic development, you can be there will be an NJ reporter present.

  6. Alby says:

    That sounds like it came down from the publisher’s office, because it sure doesn’t sound like Ledford.

  7. puck says:

    Carper has two more mystery opponents as reported by Carper himself in a fundraising email.

  8. Alby says:

    It’s just his left ball and his right ball. They went missing for so long he didn’t recognize them.

    Or, more likely, he sent that out before his two tomato cans got their paperwork filed.

  9. RE Vanella says:

    Tell you what, folks, that Carper seems scared. He’s been in the game a long time. He already knows what’s coming. And he doesn’t have the stuff to stop it. He’s trying to come to terms with it.

    Dead man walking.

  10. Alby says:

    Don’t get cocky. The tomato can strategy will be deployed.

    Look for another woman and another minority. At least, that’s what they’ll look for. A woman will be easy to find — maybe they can get Cari de Santis to run for a big enough donation to Brother Ronald — and will be more important in pulling votes away from Harris. This year, at least, women are the chief danger to the status quo. They’d like another black just to peel away African-American votes, but any other minority would work, and a Latina might be easier to find.

    Realize that there is plenty in it for the tomato cans — maybe not the dupes who help out the Harris McDowells, but the ones who help out the CarperDyne syndicate usually fall upward from there.

    On the main point, Rob is right. The fact that Carper cites people saying they were “proud” of him (probably after one of the few occasions he spoke out against Trump) shows vulnerability, not strength. If people were actually proud of him, he wouldn’t have to nudge them into thinking they were.

  11. SussexWatcher says:

    MW, you are right. Kissing Markell’s and Carney’s asses is his primary function these days. I was thinking more of city/town council meetings, legislative hearings, etc.

  12. SussexWatcher says:

    Alby, did you even read the paper during the Markell years? Ledford wanted to be his advisor on high so bad he gave blowjob after blowjob. Look at how much the paper kisses Tatiana Copeland’s derrière. Same mindset: Suck up to the rich, pretend to be from Hockessin, wait until someone offers to hire you away to be a consultant and you can leave the Gannett mothership.

  13. Alby says:

    I read it as little as possible — mostly individual stories online. I seldom saw the editorial page. But really, when would the News Journal not suck up to a neoliberal governor?

    On the side of Hockessin where he lives, people say they live in Centerville. He’s been there 14 years and has to be getting close to retirement age, so the strategy seems not to have worked. If I’m in his shoes, I’m thinking about cashing out all that Gannett stock in the pension fund while the bull market lasts.

    Whatever else he is, and he’s lots of things, Ledford doesn’t think it’s worth covering that stuff. If you’re sucking up to those in power, it’s to get first crack at that announcement, essential in a media environment where you’re stuck giving out yesterday’s news today. To get that, you downplay the official announcements, where broadcast has a vast advantage.

    When did the paper not kiss Tanya’s derriere? With the evaporation of corporate support for cultural affairs, she’s all Wilmington has left. And don’t think she doesn’t know it. Getting her ass kissed is Tanya’s greatest delight.

    As for the town council meetings, the only way to do that is with stringers, but they don’t have enough editors to herd those cats.

  14. RE Vanella says:

    “The tomato can strategy will be deployed.”

    That tickled me. Funny because it’s true. Personally I welcome it. It’ll be great entertainment to ridicule and shame these sacrificial cans, and their associates….

    Also shows, from the very kickoff, a totally defensive strategy. Parking the bus won’t work, because we aren’t afraid.

  15. Alby says:

    The key is to work him to exhaustion. It will complete the karmic cycle.

  16. puck says:

    “The tomato can strategy will be deployed. Look for another woman and another minority.”

    Carper has a devoted loyalist who fits that description, but she is already serving in Congress.