Open Thread Feb. 10: Democrats Fold Like an Origami Weasel

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We now have a better understanding of why the Trump White House doesn’t spend more time punching hippies: They’re too busy punching women. These are the people Trump likes to surround himself with: Guys in his own image, “bullies, poseurs and bad boys.” I think it took a lot of restraint for the author to stop before getting to “clowns, morons and shitheels.”

When they aren’t punching women, they’re appointing unqualified toadies for what formerly were important government positions. Yeah, that’s what we need to combat the opioid epidemic — a guy who has no public health experience but spent five years as a low-level prosecutor on drug cases. Nothing but the best for you, dawg.

Are Democrats learning to love the Orange Excrescence? The Atlantic’s Will Stancil says yes, and argues Democrats are blowing the midterms by doing what they do best: folding. It’s the fucking Origami Caucus.

Your tax dollars at work: A big ATF bust in Delaware confiscated more than 2,300 counterfeit sports caps. Yes, this scourge of society has been properly taken care of, at the cost of “a lot of man-hours,” according to the ATF spokesman. My favorite part of the article is where the guy talks about the poor quality of the hats. Really? I’ve got a closet full of them, and every single one works just fine for the purpose for which a cap was intended. Pro teams don’t get their cut? Fuck ’em. They’re all playing in stadiums and arenas constructed by billions of dollars of taxpayer money. Motherfuckers should give everyone in America free caps for life.

Can’t we all just get along? Foxes and coyotes apparently have learned how. In wild areas with few food resources, they are fierce rivals, and coyotes will drive foxes out of their territory. But in urban areas they have learned to co-exist. Why? Because there is plenty of food for all. You’d think we violent monkeys would learn to do the same, but we’re apparently a lot dumber than foxes and coyotes.

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  1. Delawarelefty says:

    So Putin’s little prick proclaims that abusers lives matter!