Open Thread Feb. 7: Biden Calls Trump ‘A Joke,’ Nobody Laughs

Filed in National by on February 7, 2018

Joe Biden sat down with CNN’s Chris Cuomo yesterday and went to town on Trump, calling him “a joke” and saying, “It’s just amazing the outrageously inaccurate things the President says.” Yeah, that’s pretty mild by Biden standards — if there’s anyone who deserves to be choked to death with rosary beads, it’s Trump — but he’s just getting warmed up. It’s a long way to 2020.

Even with his criticism, Biden was being polite. Every day provides new evidence that the highest office in the land is occupied by a child. Not a man-child, just a plain old child, one who wants a military parade because what child doesn’t love a parade? Even his Republican ass-lickers aren’t going for that one.

Meanwhile, the Tangerine Flake Not-Streamlined Baby tweeted out that the stock market crash over the past couple of days was “a big mistake.” No word on who Trump thought he would intimidate with this bit of valuable analysis, but you’d like to think that Republicans would notice that, not happy with attacking the FBI, he’s now attacking Wall Street investors — all of them. I would add the stock market to the list of things Donald Trump doesn’t understand the workings of, but I think we’re gonna need a bigger spreadsheet.

Here’s a revealing video, and I mean that literally: Donald Trump’s, um, hairpiece almost blowing off his head as he boards Air Force One. If you had “something glued to the top of his head” in the “What’s on Trump’s head” pool, collect your winnings now.

So what’s Trump’s answer for all this? Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair says he wants to shake up the West Wing staff by bringing in “a fighter” like Jason Miller or Corey Lewandowski to “protect” him from the Russia probe. The funny thing here — and I’m not laughing — is that Mr. Big Talk doesn’t even have the balls to do any of this himself. He’s waiting for Ivanka’s OK.

A big, fat, bald, ball-less baby. No disrespect to tyros intended, but this is one of the possible outcomes when you elect people with no governing experience. So is Karen Hartley-Nagle.

Experience itself is not the enemy. Cupidity is.

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  1. Wow, a Tom Wolfe reference. Think I’m gonna go drink me some electric Kool Aid acid…

  2. Alby says:

    Don’t forget to mau-mau the flak-catchers.

  3. jason330 says:

    Biden hints at something Josh Marshall has been saying. The media simply doesn’t know how to deal with willful lying by a politician, let alone a President.


  4. Alby says:

    I agree. I should have posted the link to that piece, too, because it nails what’s “wrong” with the media in dealing with Trump.

  5. Kelly says:

    Well Well We’ll Look who made the paper today City Treasurer Mrs. Potter in regards to having a budget hearing this year. Now if she does not have one you have to ask yourself WHY and what is she hiding. I think it is time we cut to the chase and let the public know the real reason The Finance Chairmen is not pressing Mrs. Potter to have a budget hearing
    Mr. Freel is protecting is EX Wife job who happens to be the City Deputy for Mrs. Potter. I think that is a conflict of interest and he needs to reques himself from that situation. I am sure the past Treasurer didn’t receive those favors and he was in that office for over 30 years. It’s time everybody wake up and see what is really going on and stop giving them both a pass.

  6. Alby says:

    @Kelly: I don’t know anything about Bud Freel’s private life, and I’d drink bleach before trying to find out. BUT…it’s pretty hard to sell a lot of people on the idea that someone would go out of his way for his ex. That doesn’t align with most people’s experience with divorce.

    As for giving the Potters a pass, the only ones doing that are the simps who vote for them. You can’t fix stupid. You can mock it, though.

  7. Kelly says:

    I have confirmation that Mr. Feel and is EX have been seen many time out together for lunch and happy hour. But you believe what you want but I think there is more then meets the eye.

  8. Alby says:

    I believe you. I’m just saying you’ll have a hard time making this case to the public.

    There is an argument to be made that the best way to hang the Potters is to simply buy them a rope and tell them it’s free.

  9. Kelly says:

    I love what you just said. I hope people remember all of this stuff in 2020 election. Have a good day.

  10. Alby says:

    We’ll still be here. Hope you’ll keep reminding them.

  11. jason330 says:

    I’m tempted to see this as McConnell taking a bullet out of the bald, orange crazy man’s gun.

    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced a bipartisan deal to fund the government on Wednesday, a major breakthrough that could force the House to swallow the agreement to avoid a possible shutdown.

    The deal would set federal spending for the next two years, boosting both defense and non-defense spending by a combined $300 billion and raising the debt limit for months. It also provides funding to battle the opioid addiction crisis and for natural disaster recovery, and extends funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for another four years.

    House leaders in both parties may not be thrilled they’ve been jammed again — and immigrant advocate groups have expressed fury that a deal to protect young immigrants brought here as children wasn’t included. But with one day before the government once again runs out of funding, it appears the Senate is likely to get a lot of what it wants.

  12. Dan says:

    Wait a minute, didn’t Bud Freel’s ex-wife hold the same position under the previous treasurer?* If so, the fact that the previous treasurer “didn’t receive these favors” cuts against your argument.

    * (It’s the same person in the same position; I have to confess I don’t actually know if she’s Bud Freel’s ex-wife.)

  13. Kelly says:

    Bud Freel EX wife was not the Deputy for Henry Supinski she was the Pension Coordinator. She didn’t become the Deputy until Mrs.Potter got elected. So put 2 and 2 together.

  14. Kelly says:

    I just got a text from a person who work for the City and said the Mrs. Potter put out a press release that she will be doing a budget hearing. It will be lntresting to see how she explains what she did with the 285 percent increase in last year’s budget money that she received.

  15. chris says:

    Bud approved an increase of 285 percent for Velda and didn’t require her to do a budget hearing last year. the fix was totally in. The Potters went out to help Purzycki win , Bud’s team helped Velda and its one cozy incestuous spend fest with no accountability!!!!! DISGRACE

  16. A. Price says:

    usually “Ben”,
    But just stopped by less anonymously to say that the Polish Government was 100% complicit in the holocaust, willing built Polish Death Camps, and enabled the rise of Hitler.
    I realize their Trumpian anti-free speech law wont have much of an effect on me here (and while it is my ancestral homeland, I’m never setting foot in that Nazi-loving shit hole ) But if those Nazi collaborator shits want to mute the truth, it is up to us to scream it louder.

  17. Tom Kline says:

    Crazy uncle Joe… Stay at Jansens and sip coffee old man.

  18. I’m sure he’ll be suitably chastened by your words.

  19. Alby says:

    Especially since you spelled Janssen’s wrong. Marks you as a real Delawarean.

  20. RE Vanella says:

    Kids today, am I right?

    Large adult son.

  21. Liberal Elite says:

    @j “I’m tempted to see this as McConnell taking a bullet out of the bald, orange crazy man’s gun.”

    But is also takes a major bullet away from the Dems, if they can take congress this year. The new congress won’t have a budget to work on… The GOP wants to lock in a very pro-GOP budget, no matter who wins.