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from RE Vanella

“Clement Greenberg’s remark in his article in Horizon, that the working class is the only class in England that seriously means to defeat Hitler, seems to me quite untrue. The bulk of the middle class are just as anti-Hitler as the working class, and their morale is probably more reliable. The fact which Socialists, especially when they are looking at the English scene from the outside, seldom seem to me to grasp, is that the patriotism of the middle classes is a thing to be made use of. The people who stand to attention during “God Save the King” would readily transfer their loyalty to a Socialist régime, if they were handled with the minimum amount of tact.”

—-George Orwell, London Letter to Partisan Review, March-April 1941


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  1. bamboozer says:

    Orwell remains the champ at expressing deep political thought in the fewest words possible, dethroning, in my opinion, Machiavelli. Having said that “The Price” is perhaps more relevant today than ever.

  2. Paul says:

    Bamboozer: Noam Chomski?