Delaware Political Weekly: Jan. 26-Feb. 1, 2018

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1. AG’s Race Heats Up. Chris Johnson Announces, Tim Mullaney Files.  As memorialized here,  Chris Johnson announced his candidacy on Saturday, and unveiled a progressive platform.  Which makes him the first announced candidate for AG to say what he would try to do as AG. Somebody’s gonna have to impress the bleep out of me to make me support anybody but Chris.  Hey, it could happen.  That person, however, is not likely to be Tim Mullaney, who is the first D to file for AG. He supports the reinstatement of the death penalty, and he is an unapologetic defender of Tom Gordon.  And why shouldn’t he be?  He got a nice quick pay boost in order to, get this, make more than the (overpaid) people he purportedly supervised.  Both Lisa Diller and Janet Kilpatrick argued against the boost.  This guy has Gordon stink all over him.  No social media or website that I could find.

2. Laura Sturgeon Files, Calls On Greg Lavelle To Return Campaign Contributions From ‘Soulmate Seeker’ Pat Meehan. You remember that PAC that Lavelle fronts that funneled money to the campaign of John Marino, don’t you? Well, that PAC, First State First PAC, received contributions from lovelorn US Rep. Patrick Meehan. The guy who won’t seek reelection after relentlessly pursuing his staffer who he viewed as his soulmate. Raising the question, what will Greg do with the money? Here’s what Sturgeon said:

While I won’t comment on every donation to my opponent’s PAC, nobody should stay complicit when women are finally being heard. Generations of women have lived under an accepted reality of harassment and predation by men like Pat Meehan. That tide is finally turning, and it’s important for all of us – especially our leaders – to stand with victims of harassment, unconditionally. Sen. Lavelle may have kept Pat Meehan’s donation in error, but I sincerely hope that he’ll do the right thing and return this money – or, better yet, donate it to a group working to fight back against harassment and empower victims.

Your move, Greg.

3. Guillermina Gonzalez Running For Miro’s Seat. The 22nd RD, which Joe Miro has held forever. Joe Petrilli held it forever before Miro held it forever. Of course, the district, in its various incarnations, has had a solid R plurality. Until recently.  Which reminds me. Feb. registration figures for the 22nd:  6930 D; 6688 R; 5508 I. It gets marginally more D every month. Gonzalez has demonstrated the skills to work at the grassroots level. We’ll see how that translates into her campaign, but she’s a promising candidate.

4. DeNeice Berry To Seek 5th RD Seat.  Which is being vacated by Melanie George Smith, albeit reluctantly.  BTW, anyone who thinks that the retiring rep doesn’t have her eyes on a judgeship is mistaken.  She’s got the George ‘livin’ large off the public’ gene in her DNA. Failing a judgeship, Mark Brainard’s replacement at Del-Tech?  Berry’s announcement was, to put it mildly, disappointing. She’ll likely have to up her game in order to withstand a primary challenge.  The district is so overwhelmingly D, however (remember who the district was crafted for), that the D nominee will certainly be the next representative from the 5th RD.

5. Undistinguished City Legislators File For Reelection.  Last week it was Charles Potter.  This week? Stephanie Bolden and Gerald Brady.  Poor Stephanie. Two pensions and a legislative salary aren’t enough. She needs a part-time receptionist job to maintain the lifestyle to which she’s become accustomed.  She does nothing but feed at the public trough.  Gerald Brady.  He’s been out to lunch for well over a decade now. Oh, and he ditched his family.  Potter, Bolden, Brady. Will nobody run against them? If not, their constituents get the government they deserve.

6. Did’ja Know That Sam Pratcher Is The Acting NCC Sheriff? You know, the former Wilmington Police Chief? He is, and he’s seeking, well, not reelection, but election to the post. Filed this week.  Gov. Markell appointed Pratcher to fill out the unexpired term of Trinidad Navarro after Navarro was elected as Insurance Commissioner.  His website may, or may not, be misleading.  Pictures of Pratcher with all sorts of political figures.  Do those pictures constitute endorsements?  Or are they just informal photos? Man, all these former Wilmington police chiefs running for office.  That city must have the best law enforcement ever.

7. Tizzy Lockman Files. She’s running a ‘shock and awe’ campaign.  I’m in awe. She will be the next senator from the 3rd Senate District.  If her campaign is designed to discourage others, including the incumbent, from running, she might well succeed.

8.  Filings. Other filings not previously referenced: Rep. Debra Heffernan (D-RD 6); Rep. John Mitchell (D-RD 13); Incumbent Ciro Poppiti, III (D-NCC Register of Wills); Incumbent Michael Kozikowski (D-NCC Recorder Of Deeds); Councilman Kenneth Woods (D-NCC District 1).

That’s it for this week. What’d I miss, and whaddayathink?



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  1. jason330 says:

    I like Laura Sturgeon coming out swinging. Everything I’ve seen from that campaign has been first rate. She is in it to win it.

  2. While I generally agree, I think that the sharp elbows might be a little premature. Better to build up positive name recognition before going after your opponent.

    I also was concerned about a couple of her remarks during her Women’s March speech.
    She could risk alienating those who might otherwise support her.

  3. jason330 says:

    Isn’t the first task winning a primary? this might be meant for primary voters who want to see some fight.

  4. Arthur says:

    you forgot to mention re: boulden – the townhouse that burned was one of her RENTALS that she receives a section 8 stipend for

  5. RE Vanella says:

    Last night my wife & I attended the Network DE general meeting. Another big crowd. 100+ folks turned up. Many new faces too.

    I met a guy working on the Sturgeon campaign. Also spoke with Tizzy…

    This is happening, kiddos. There’s going to be a bloodless coup this autumn. Now’s probably a good time to get on board for the big win.

    Left is best. Audere est facere.

  6. Alby says:

    Technically, the coup will come in late summer — Sept. 6 is the primary date.

    According to Ballotpedia, “Incumbent Tom Carper (D), who has represented Delaware in the Senate for 16 years, was re-elected in 2012 by a margin of 37 points. The longtime senator is not expected to face a contentious primary.”

  7. Tom Edwardson says:

    New Journal reporting Sen. Simpson not running again and Rep. Wilson to run for his seat.

  8. A says:

    Sounds like Wilson might have stepped on some toes filing for Simpson’s seat so early

  9. Joshua W says:

    The republican equivalent of Sam Guy

  10. DP Repeal says:

    We will have big problems with the Death Penalty reinstatement in the Senate with Wilson and Paradee replacing Simpson and Bushweller.

    This is a problem.

  11. El somnambulo says:

    If D’s fail to field candidates in Simpson’s and Bonini’s districts, it will be malpractice of the highest political order. Could be an ugly primary in Simpson’s district, and Bonini is Bonini.

  12. Hider says:

    MGS–“Mark Brainard’s replacement at Del-Tech?”

    There is a currently vacant VP position at the Dover campus.

  13. They wouldn’t DARE do that. Uh, would they?

  14. Scuttlebutt302 says:

    This, as always, along with the GA posts, is a nice write-up, El Som.

    Also, has anyone else noticed that Chris Johnson’s logo is eerily similar to Planned Parenthood’s? Is this by design?