Song Of The Day: Feb. 1, 2018

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It’s true. This Boston band opened for the Beatles. Seriously great garage rock:

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  1. Alby says:

    This is polished playing. The only things that make it “garage” are the simple song structure (not unusual for the time, when bands were striving for the energy common to British bands) and the primitive-to-our-ears production (ditto).

    Or is that all we really mean by “garage”?

  2. mouse says:

    Joe’s Garage!

  3. Alby says:

    If it weren’t for garages and basements to practice in, there would be no bands. I don’t know anyone whose parents would let them practice in the living room.

  4. mouse says:

    I remembering going to Fell’s Point in Baltimore and getting on a good beer buzz then going to my friend’s houses and playing Jesus Just Left Chicago over and over in the basement at 11 PM cause it was the only song we knew lol

  5. Mike Dinsmore says:

    I used to hear “Why Do I Cry” on the radio (WBZ, Boston), back in the sixties. I’d never seen their name in print, so I thought the DJ was saying “Bury and the Remains.” I thought that was such a cool name. Thanks for ruining my teenage memories! 🙂