Delaware Voices contributors lays the wood on Chris Coons

Filed in National by on February 1, 2018

Friend of DL, RE Vanella, begins the dismantling of Coons with:

“I’m getting a sneaking suspicion that Sen. Chris Coons thinks we’re all very dim.
Last Sunday, he wrote another patronizing column explaining his opposition to recently proposed legislation that would “deny most American businesses access to Wilmington’s nationally known bankruptcy courts.”

Here is a choice bit, but do yourself a favor and click through to read the whole thing.

Coons concludes his argument by assuring us that his colleagues, Sen. Carper, Rep. Blunt Rochester and Gov. Carney, will also fight against this legislation. I appreciate Coons taking the lead to write the Op-Ed, as all three of his colleagues are up for reelection sooner than he.

Delaware politicians, mark my words, the gig is up. We see you and we understand the game you’re playing.

It’s governing by Möbius strip. It’s an un-orientable loop. The affluent and politically connected assure us that their own increasing wealth will lead to prosperity for everyone. Then the rules are devised to ensure the financial elites prosper.


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  1. Dana Garrett says:

    Which is to say that Delaware’s prevailing party is DINO. Republicans don’t succeed here because they are redundant.

  2. jason330 says:

    Agreed. It is a big problem here and in America at large. I think that it is safe to say that there would be no President Trump if we had a legitimate Democratic opposition party.

  3. RE Vanella says:

    This fine column and other important news will also be available in ink on paper this Sunday at news stands everywhere.