Guillermina Gonzalez Announces for RD 22

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As Delaware is changing so is the need for a different kind of elected official. With a background that spans both corporate and nonprofit boardrooms, grassroots community organizing is at the heart of who I am and how I approach finding solutions to the very real challenges that we face in Delaware. I now want to transfer my skills, experiences, and developed collaborations to provide the best representation for the people and the interests of District 22 in Dover. Let me share my intention to seek election as the State Representative for District 22. Hope to count on your support! For information on the campaign please check website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter @gg4DE. We will share details on the kickoff event very soon. Please stay tuned!

This is what El Som said about the 22nd back in December:

Miro To Retire, Grease The Skids For His Daughter?  That’s the word on the street. The longtime pol who currently represents the 22nd RD is planning to retire and have his daughter run for the seat.  I’ve also heard that the D’s have a strong prospective candidate.

And in November:

Joe Miro: He’s not gonna be there forever. Correction: He has been there forever. The registration is becoming more D, in fact, there are now  more registered D’s than R’s in this district. In a wave election, and 2018 could be one, this is the kind of district that flips. No excuse for not challenging this seat.



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  1. chris says:

    The young guy who actually primaried Joe Miro a few years back, and did pretty well about 45%, is running, Michael Smith.

  2. jason330 says:

    Primaried… so he is running against (presumably) Miro’s Daughter.

  3. trueblue says:

    Has he announced or formed a committee?

  4. I really like Gonzalez’ story. Although she started out in the corporate world and moved to the United States from Mexico, she has been an extremely effective advocate for the arts and, most particularly, the impact that arts can have on business. She is the Immediate Past Chair of the Delaware Arts Alliance, previously chaired the Americans For the Arts State Arts Action Network, and is also an adjunct professor at Wilmington University’s Doctor Of Business Administration Program.

    She SERIOUSLY knows how to network. We’re getting some fascinating candidates running this year.

    I’ve also heard that Renee Taschner is considering a run, so you could have primaries on both sides.

  5. chris says:

    The district R’s won’t let Miro’s daughter walk in without a battle.. Lots of hungry R’s in there waiting since Joe Miro has held seat over 20 yrs…Michael Smith is getting in, rumors of either a Nick or a Paula Manalokas candidacy also out there. will be fun to watch!

  6. The district R’s might also want to take a look at the changing registration.

  7. Another major reason to support Gonzalez from her website:

    “After leaving ExxonMobil and moving to Delaware, I was given the opportunity to lead Voices Without Borders, a Delaware nonprofit organization that worked to improve the status of Hispanics statewide. Voices Without Borders became the voice of those who did not have a voice within the Hispanic community. To do that, we called for social or institutional changes on behalf of Hispanics. We also aspired to be the point of contact for those interested in tapping into the Hispanic community. During my tenure with Voices Without Borders, the first Latino gubernatorial debate was held in 2008 and for the first time in our state’s history, gubernatorial candidates were asked questions that addressed issues affecting Delaware’s Latino community.”

    Helping people is already a calling for Gonzalez. I want more people like that in the General Assembly.

  8. Tom Kline says:

    I bet she was shown the door at Exxon…

  9. Alby says:

    How would you prove it, asswipe?

  10. RE Vanella says:

    Tommy, son. We talked about you’re gaming.

    Large adult son.