The Chris Johnson Announcement

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OK, I’m psyched.  Chris Johnson represents a sea-change alternative in how he would function as the State’s Attorney General. His slogan, “Real Change, Real Justice”, is embodied in his platform.

At today’s official kick-off, Johnson spoke passionately about ending the ‘mass incarceration’ that clogs our prison system. Prisoners who are disproportionately poor and minorities. He cited the statistics while underlining the basic unfairness that has permeated Delaware’s ‘criminal justice’ system.  That rot, of course, coming from the Delaware General Assembly as well as from former bloodthirsty AG’s like Jane Brady.

He stated in no uncertain terms that he was opposed to the death penalty, and would not seek to impose it as Attorney General. He announced his support for the legalization of marijuana. His other priorities:

*Standing up to the gun lobby;

*Combating the opioid and gun violence public health crises;

*Ensuring consumer protection for all hardworking Delawareans; and

*Providing equal access to quality education and economic opportunities.

While he is a strong speaker, he’s not a glib speaker.  You could tell that his words come from the heart.  His experience demonstrates that sincerity:

1. He has fought voter suppression as part of the Obama For America Legal Protection Team.

2. He has served as a volunteer and board member for the Delaware Center For Justice and the Multicultural Judges and Lawyers Section of the Delaware Bar.

Based on what I saw today, I’m convinced that Johnson would seek to implement the changes he’s proposed.

Am I prepared to endorse him yet? Not until I hear from the other candidates.

Would I be comfortable with Chris Johnson as our next Attorney General? Yes. Absolutely.

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  1. Thank the gods! I am totally on board with this news and will work hard to help Chris take the primary win.

  2. Ben says:

    Someone check on officer Carney..

  3. AQC says:

    Like I said before, Chris is a good guy. He’d be an excellent AG.

  4. trueblue says:

    This is the candidate we have been longing for willing to make real change in the state of Delaware.

  5. bamboozer says:

    Like what I’m hearing here, sounds almost too good to be true. Hope it’s on to victory.

  6. What I like is that his candidacy appears to be driven by what he sees as a system weighted against minorities and the poor.

  7. Bane says:

    They say Carney’s people are way more progressive than he is. Don’t forget his Public Advocate. We may look up 20 years from now and that’s his greatest legacy. Unlike Carpets who only pops out 3rd Way talent.

  8. hmm says:

    Carney’s politics are much more progressive than people realize. He just has a very measured and slow way about executing them.

  9. Alby says:

    That’s undoubtedly true. Since his politics don’t look at all progressive, if they’re even slightly progressive they exceed the expectations he and his team have put forth.

    When a guy says the state has to cut its spending despite the drivers of that spending standing beyond its control (Medicaid, anyone?), he’s not progressive.

    If what you mean is that he’s socially progressive, then I’ll grant your point, but my standard is higher. Event there, though, until non-minority Delaware politicians embrace Black Lives Matter, we shouldn’t talk about how “progressive” any of them are.

  10. RE Vanella says:

    Won’t tax the ultra rich.
    Won’t legalize weed.
    Best friends with the coppers.

    Yeah, Governor cypher is a real leftist. He a progressive like Doug Jones is a resister.