What are Coons and Carper even doing?

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What’s the point of Delaware sending “Democrats” to the US Senate when they allow Republicans to get away with LITERALLY everything. For example, did you know the GOP used the shutdown to FURTHER chip away at the ACA by cutting key ACA related taxes? I didn’t. From their silence on the topic you have to wonder if Carper and Coons knew it.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The deal that ended the government shutdown also further cut taxes, adding billions more to the national deficit.

The tax cuts were a little noticed element of the much discussed deal, which provided funding to keep government agencies operating for about three weeks and renewed a popular health insurance program for poor children. They were added to entice Republicans to line up behind the temporary spending bill, even before the Democrats dug in and forced the three-day shutdown.

The bill enacted late Monday suspended three taxes that came in under President Barack Obama’s signature health care law: a tax on medical devices, one on high-cost health care plans offered by employers, and another on health insurance companies.

The Republicans were relieved when enough Democrats flipped and supported the spending bill so that the government could reopen. And, they were gleeful at the chipping away of the health care law by delaying or suspending the three taxes.


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  1. trueblue says:

    Exactly why Carper now has a primary.

  2. Ben says:

    exactly why he will lose that primary.