This is why I hate the Democratic Party

Filed in National by on January 23, 2018

The Party is a DC based fundraising scam. This article will make you puke. Literally. Have a bucket at the ready.

James Thompson, who lost a close special election in Kansas and is again running for the Wichita seat in 2018, said the DCCC is specific about why it wants candidates to raise money. “They want you to spend a certain amount of money on consultants, and it’s their list of consultants you have to choose from,” he said. Those consultants tend to be DCCC veterans. A memo the party committee sent to candidates in December lays out some of the demands the DCCC made around spending.


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  1. Alby says:

    They will never learn. No matter how much money you spend promoting it, centrism doesn’t get people off the sofa on election day.

  2. jason330 says:

    Centrism gets the consultants paid though. And when they lose, as they do, it is always the damn liberals fault.

    What a racket.

  3. Gerry W says:

    Additional Parties are needed in this country, no primary should make the General election irrelevant and no primary should be decided by other than the Party rank and file. The word is fealty, you owe fealty to Madame Pelosi, or Madame Wasserman or Clintons. Fealty learn it, study it , live it. And if ever a time shall come where you have an opinion and are considered worthy of a moment of the Party Elite, then respectfully and quietly state it on the required form. Humbly await the response and gratefully accept whatever that response is.

  4. stan merriman says:

    Several years ago when I was an activist in Texas, The DSCC literally hand picked a recently retired General to run for Senate (the seat Cruz won). This guys claim to fame was that he was head of the command that ran the infamous Abu Ghraib prison where we tortured people and he got caught.
    I talked to the DSCC staff who were fucking totally clueless and ultimately the Chair that year as did many other local Dem activists who were horrified at this stupidity. They dumped this criminal, fortunately. Go figure the depth of stupidity or corruption.

  5. jason330 says:

    OMG. That is the perfect summary of DSCC cluelessness.

  6. Woodt says:

    You people should support the DNC better. Instead of being critical, be constructive. Send them actual suggestions on how to better run things. In short, I don’t think simply complaining is the answer. Think outside the box. Maybe it’s time for a new angle?

  7. Woodman, we in Delaware have worked a lot in the Party and with the Party. Found any attempts to have an impact short-circuited by people like ‘Carper’s Brain’ Ed Freel and a host of centrists who try to control who gets pushed. People like John Carney and Sean Barney.

    Might be your first rodeo here, but not ours. Been there, done that, didn’t work.

    Lest you have any remaining doubts, just listen to the dismissive language of the Carpers, Coonses, and Markells of the Party.