Song Of The Day: Jan. 23, 2018

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I’ve worked most my life at a prison nearby
And I’ve raised two sons and a daughter
I knew all along, as I watched them grow strong
They had a need for adventure

Nothing could quell the longing they felt
From the back of our lonesome holler
Still I hoped somehow, they could find their way out
That wasn’t the path of a soldier

Recruiters come ’round to our small mountain towns
With money and glory to tempt them
They come to the doors of the kids of the poor
And that’s reason enough to resent them

I’d braced for my sons to be one of the ones
To follow freedom’s anthem
But I’d never dreamed in my darkest of dreams
That they’d enlist my Brennen

Brennen came home, her mind mostly gone
From watching what no one should look on
You cast her aside, like some empty hide
Her room filled with mold and vermin

You give her pills, and you blame her weak will
Make her feel like she’s nothing but burden
So I’m here to make sure our wounded get more
Than a bed in some broken down building

Our daughters and sons took up your guns
They answered your call for warriors
So when the fallen come back, from the sands of Iraq
They deserve to be treated with honor

But you’re flying them home, broken spirits and bones
And you tuck them away in some corner
This country can claim the values we name
While turning our back on our soldiers

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