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Patriots 24   Jaguars 14 

Eagles 17   Vikings 9





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  1. Liberal Elite says:

    How do we kill American Football?
    It needs to die, and not just at the professional level…

  2. Dave says:

    As opposed to MMA, Boxing, bungee jumping, rock climbing, NASCAR and let’s not forget surfing with great whites. Modern man has been around now for few thousand years. And in every era, man has pitted themselves against each other, against the elements, and against all common sense. And you think that if we just eliminate football, people will be safer and healthier and won’t replace football with some other harebrained idea to challenge death? I suppose you want to prohibit tree climbing by the young as well. One of my children’s greatest achievement was surviving their childhood because they spent an inordinate amount of time trying to kill themselves by falling, jumping, running into things and generally behaving as if they were immortal.

  3. Dave says:

    Oh yeah and especially luge!

  4. RE Vanella says:

    I learned to stop worrying. Now I love the bomb.

  5. Ben says:

    If the Birds win, our recent streak of impossible things happening will continue…. Maybe we’ll see a President sent to jail.

  6. Liberal Elite says:

    @D “As opposed to…”

    Except for boxing, I don’t have a problem with rest. Yours is a mostly a non sequitur response. And if THAT is your argument for keeping brain damage ball … I mean american football, then please try again.

    We now know that football actually causes brain damage.
    Virtually every long-term player of the sport dies young and stupid.

    Why should anyone enjoy watching brain cells die?
    …or do I need to make a joke about the brain cells of the audience, too?

  7. bamboozer says:

    Death to team sports of all sorts! Actually I could care less, if all team sports disappeared tomorrow I would fail to notice. I have never watched any of them let alone given half a damn.

  8. jason330 says:

    “Fly Eagles FLY, on the road to Vic-tor-eeee!!!”

    All due respect, fuck off Liberal Elite. Team sports are not a creation of Victorian boarding schools. They are DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, deep down in our DNA.

    Until we come up with something better, football is the outworking of some tribal thing that needs to be worked out.

    Supper Bowl BABY!!! Mass marketing!! Shitty beer!!! I’m all in.

  9. ckars says:

    Jason, part of me feels as you have expressed. I have been watching football a long time, and have been an Eagles fan all my life. I remember seeing the high lights from the 1960 Championship Game as a kid. I love the routine of watching the Eagles on Sunday. This year after seeing the reports on CTE I still watch the games, but nagging at the back of my brain is discomfort. And I really wonder what is happening to all the young men who play football and do not make a living of it. I will still watch the Eagles in the Super Bowl, but my enjoyment is tainted.

  10. nathan arizona says:

    Liberal Elite: Shut up. Go whine about something else.

  11. alby says:

    @Liberal Elite: Kill football? Simple. Demand we stop funding the sport through taxes. Keep demanding it, and in a few years — give it a decade to really work — we can make this an issue.

    Delaware Republicans show how to do this all the time. I actually have had people argue the GOP position on the transgender student policy, their issue of the year, using all the right-wing talking points. These aren’t political people, just people who been bombarded for weeks now in their media of choice (mostly talk radio) with the “would you want your…” arguments. One of them asked me yesterday, “Why do we even need a state policy blah blah blah?” Until I explained that this is a response to school districts around the country paying out six- and seven-figure settlements to transgendered kids who have been bullied — something the right-wing jitbags never mention.

    Seriously, just keep talking about it with people. The reason the situation exists as it does is that it is rarely questioned and even more rarely challenged.

  12. Alby, you were right in your anti-football sentiments.

    Until yesterday.

    Back on the bandwagon, bay-bee!

  13. Ben says:

    Im excited for the TV deals.

  14. RE Vanella says:

    Several of the players who featured yesterday will likely expire before the age of 50 of ALS in a puddle of their own drool (if they don’t kill themselves first), but hey, Super Bowl! Am I right?

    Like Dave said, we’ve always done it so we sure just keep doing it. I always found that argument incredibly compelling personally…

  15. Alby says:

    I am not anti-football. I am a realist about football.

    People love things until they don’t. Ask Aziz Ansari.

  16. Liberal Elite says:

    @j “Team sports are not a creation of Victorian boarding schools. They are DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP, deep down in our DNA.”

    I am not against team sports. I’ve got a handful of college varsity letters, my kids have an aggregate of 18 HS varsity letters. I just never let them play football.

    The problem isn’t with team sports or athletics, it’s with football.

    I you want to give a damn about employees of one corporation making physical sport with employees of a another corporation that aren’t even incorporated in the locales they claim to represent… Go right ahead. But wouldn’t it be better if you watched basketball or soccer or baseball?

    “All due respect, fuck off Liberal Elite.”
    Sorry… It’s what’s pissing me off today… (and Trumps’ government shutdown).

  17. RE Vanella says:

    Stop discussing this and go listen to the Harvey lecture I posted.