It’s Official. Bernard Brady To Retire

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The finest public servant I’ve ever known is retiring after 39 years.  He has served as the Secretary Of The Senate for something like 30 of those years. He did the job even though he didn’t have the title before that. Anyone who knows Bernard knows that he is one of the kindest and most selfless people to ever grace the public stage.  Unfailingly patient, with a work ethic second to none, he has ensured that the Senate functions smoothly throughout his many years in Legislative Hall.  Here are his official duties:

The Secretary of the Senate is the chief administrative officer of the Senate. The Secretary is a full-time staff official elected by the members through resolution and is administered an oath of office.  The Secretary consults regularly with the President Pro Tempore on matters relating to budget, legislation and overall operations of the Senate.

The Office of the Secretary maintains records of official Senate transactions, handles the introduction and flow of legislation, send and receive legislative messages and executive communications, compiles and posts agendas, records committee reports, roll calls and the legislative journal.  The Office of the Secretary assists the members and their offices with various matters as requested and is often the point of initial enquiry and direction from the public and within the legislature.

Bernard has always done so much more.  He is always calling to make sure someone is OK.  He thoughtfully drops by with gifts unexpectedly.  He has made more friends than anyone I know, and I hope that he gets the chance to enjoy those friendships anew now that he won’t be working 12-18 hour days any more.  I remember the time that President Pro Tempore Richard Cordrey had to order Bernard to accept a raise that he had earned in spades.  Bernard didn’t do the job for the money.

I hope that any of you who know Bernard will share your thoughts with us.  Remember that person you once met who you thought seemed so nice that it had to be an act?  That is Bernard, and it’s not an act.  Bernard, have a long, happy and healthy retirement.  Nobody deserves it more.

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  1. jason330 says:

    Thanks for posting this tribute. Bernard sounds like a great example of the scores of self-less people behind the scenes who make the government. work.

  2. chris says:

    A truly wonderful human being and public servant. He is like an institution in Leg Hall. Well liked and respected by members and staff of both parties, and frankly anyone who has ever crossed his path. He is a unique, kind, huge hearted gentleman who would go out of his way to help anyone. There will never be another quite like Mr. Bernard Brady.

  3. Stewball says:

    Thanks for posting El Som. Can’t agree with you enough on Bernard.

  4. Yep. And the thing is that he treats everybody the same way. Some of the people who love him the most are the per diems, the seasonal employees. He shows them the same amount of respect as he does the President Pro Tem.

    I just wish everybody could know him. He really is as we’ve described him.

  5. Chris Smith Clark says:

    I went to a small grade school with Bernard and he was a down to earth nice fellow then. I remember clearly when his father died suddenly and Bernard stepped up to be a real support for his mother and siblings.

  6. Michael Handlin says:

    Bernard Brady is a giant of a man. Our friendship began in grade school. He would help anyone then and now. He has served this State admirably. He is a wonderful man. I wish Bernard the best!

  7. Ann Forres5 says:

    I am honored to call Bernard a friend

  8. Here’s a great picture of Bernard and Joy Bower. They’ve been a great team for quite some time now:

  9. MaryLu Brady Meren says:

    Bernard is truly one in a million and is a living Saint. I am very blessed to have him as a brother. Love and Blessings, MaryLu Meren