Patrice Gilliam-Johnson: Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed?

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The incumbent Secretary of Labor, who has been acting Secretary Of Labor under John Carney largely b/c one state senator has held up her nomination, has taken a new gig at Delaware State University as Dean of Graduate, Adult And Continuing Studies, according to this WDEL report.

While it’s possible that Patrice Gilliam-Johnson would have taken this position even had Carney acted decisively and reappointed her despite the opposition of Sen. Nicole Poore, who feared for the future of her bullshit Jobs For Delaware Graduates sinecure, and disgraced former President Pro Tempore Tony DeLuca, who resented being bossed around by a black woman,  Carney’s jellyfish proclivities no doubt made the decision an easy one.

Which means that everybody should look very closely at who (whom? I never get that one right) Carney chooses to fill this position. It had better be someone who will insist that civil rights job discrimination complaints be taken seriously, and it had better be someone who ensures that limited jobs development funds be spent wisely.  In other words, to pull a name out of thin air, not Patti Blevins.

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  1. mediawatch says:

    Jumped or pushed, it matters little. What she got was a soft landing.

    Would like to see the paperwork on her application/recruitment at DSU. Tony Allen, founding president of Metro Wilm Urban League, hired as DSU provost over the summer. Gilliam-Johnson, current chair of the Urban League board, hired by DSU five months later. Another vaunted Delaware “nationwide search” turns up the “best candidate” right in our own back yard.

    Allen and Gilliam-Johnson are highly capable individuals, both qualified for their current jobs. But you can bet that Carney gave Allen a call and offered a glowing recommendation (not that she needed one) to avoid him getting what would have been well-deserved blowback had he appointed someone else before she landed.
    Once again, the Delaware Way works well for the well-connected and looks rather shady to those on the outside.

  2. More than anything, what matters is who Carney nominates. Will he essentially allow Nicole Poore and Tony DeLuca to name the next Secretary of Labor, or will he nominate someone who has the public’s interest at heart first and foremost? The two are mutually exclusive.

  3. jason330 says:

    Not Patti Blevins? All the worst impulses of John Carney and Delaware’s elected Dems point to Patti Blevins, or someone nearly indistinguishable in merit and qualifications.

  4. Not to mention the President Pro-Tem who rewarded Tony’s significant other for her absenteeism while burying her employment records. And, like Poore, had her own BS job at taxpayers’ expense.

    She’s almost too perfect by Delaware Way standards.

  5. chris says:

    I think Ms. Gilliam Johnson got fed up and took a walk. Good for her! She is a great lady.

    Patti Blevins? She did such a stellar job as head of the Office of Animal Control for her five month tenure , after the state ignored applications from over 75 candidates to hire her, “the most qualified person” they claimed. Total crash and burn there. I don’t expect a second act here…

  6. Don’t forget that job she had as head of, what was it called, the Delaware Information Network? A glorified referral service run by the State.

  7. chris says:

    Carney claims in the NJ article that he was going to actually nominate Gilliam-Johnson at the start of this legislative session. Really? he waited a whole year and held her hanging, and then was going to nominate her? Makes no sense and makes them look very dysfunctional. No wonder Patrice took the walk and said NO THANKS BUDDY!

  8. Arthur says:

    Which is the golden parachute for state employees – DSU or Del Tech?

  9. mediawatch says:

    Delaware Tech is the better parachute. More campuses, more programs, much easier there to create well-titled positions that carry minimal responsibilities.
    DSU is a relatively lean operation. The pols who work there (oops, who are on the payroll there) do tend to fill what appear to be essential positions … even Dick Cathcart, the notorious GOP grifter, had some real responsibilities there.

  10. chris says:

    Rumor is Cerron Cade for DOL Secretary. Nice young guy, but no experience in labor issues ..just a good loyal legislative staffer to Carney ….a FAR cry from Patrice Gilliam-Johnson.

  11. mediawatch says:

    C’mon, Chris, he’s got plenty of experience with labor issues. Every time you turn around, he’s landing in a new job, and always closer to the top of the public trough.

  12. Bane says:

    I hear it’s Sam Latham or Deluca for DOL. Cade will probably stay put until Secretary of State is available. Someone is grooming this guy for high office. May not want to put your QB of the future in the game too early.

  13. Gerry Wright says:

    Now really which job is going to be much more comfortable and probably has a higher salary. Patrice I’d have done the same.

  14. Alby says:

    @Gerry: That’s an interesting question. We should be able to look up the salaries once she’s in her position at DSU. I would guess the DOL job pays better.

  15. Bane says:

    DSU would definately pay better.

  16. There is no bleeping way that either Lathem or DeLuca will be appointed Labor Secretary.

    Why? Because my head will explode if either gets the position.

  17. Bane says:

    Well I don’t see Carney or his kind choosing anything other than a seasoned old union representative or an old time legislator. This position is less about handling labor issues and more about handling political ones.