BREAKING: Bane Nails It! LaKresha Roberts Running For AG

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Yes, SW broke the news below.  But Bane had it before anybody.  Here’s the article that Sussex Watcher provided:

Here is her bio:

Color me impressed and intrigued.

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  1. Alby says:

    That’s nice. She must not get along with Jennings, because as promising as her resume is, it’s not one that wins a primary for Attorney General. Her name recognition is zero, and unless she’s going to get the money from Terry Strine — that’s his organization you linked to — who’s backing her?

  2. In The Know says:

    Meanwhile, in Boston, Flip Chowers sees the news release, and the photo, and silently reflects on how he managed to let this opportunity get away.

  3. SussexWatcher says:

    I think Eugene Young proved you don’t need a long resume to inspire these days. And don’t tell me any of the others has name rec. I’m definitely interested.

  4. SussexWatcher says:

    Sean Lynn will not be running for AG; will instead seek re-election:

  5. mediawatch says:

    No debate on the resumes. Jennings is the heavyweight here, no padding needed.
    However, let’s go back to some names we both remember well, and where they were before they ran for office:
    ’74 — Dick Wier had been state prosecutor
    ’78 — Rich Gebelein had been state solicitor and chief deputy AG
    ’82 — Charlie Oberly had been state prosecutor
    ’94 — M Jane Brady spent 12 years as a deputy AG, mostly prosecuting criminal cases in Sussex County.
    ’06 — Beau Biden had been a federal prosecutor in Philadelphia for 9 years
    ’14 — Matt Denn had been insurance commissioner and lieutenant governor
    My point is that Roberts’ experience is comparable to the experience of the last six successful candidates for the office. Of those six, you could make the case that Denn had the strongest resume, but it wasn’t overwhelming.
    I would not discount Roberts solely on the basis of Jennings’ longer resume.
    What we’re about two see is a battle between a Delaware Way Democrat and a Millennial Democrat — the older guard vs. the next generation.
    Given the performance in office of the Dems of our generation (Carper, Carney et al.), I just might prefer to put my hope on the future than maintain my trust in the past.
    Anyhow … should be an interesting primary.

  6. Electoral Dysfunction says:

    Jennings was the prosecutor who put the “Corridor Killer” Steven Pennell away. New Castle County knows her well.

  7. Man, I hadn’t thought about that case in like 40 years.

    I’m old.

  8. mediawatch says:

    @ED — You’re right, Jennings will do well with folks who voted in the ’80s who remember the Pennell case. Most Delaware voters are much younger, and touting a successful prosecution from 30 year ago as your greatest achievement will raise plenty of questions of the “what have you done for me lately?” variety.
    Not discounting Jennings’ achievements. I have respected her work for years. But intergenerational warfare isn’t what the party needs this year.

  9. No, it will be an interesting primary. I’m also glad that Sean Lynn isn’t giving up his seat to run. I don’t think he could’ve won, and we really need him in the House.

    Oh, and Alby, if you’re gonna name drop Terry Strine, I’ll name drop Matt Denn. He appointed her to the key post that she’s leaving.

    You’re right, though. Strine’s group is largely an assembly line of would-be GOP nominees. But, they occasionally get a legit D to help them maintain the illusion of non-partisanship. I like her priorities, at least based on where she donates her time.

    I’m paying attention anyway. Definitely not the primary that I expected.

  10. Alby says:

    @MW: Every one of those people except perhaps Weir, who took office before my time, had the party or money of some sort behind her. Brady practically ran as a state cop. Where’s Roberts’ support?

    Her experience is in Family Court, which is not even treated as a constitutional court by the state (no FOIA). Sure, interesting primary. I’ll treat you all to beers if Jennings doesn’t win.

    As I noted before, Kathleen Jennings was a defense attorney. If you’re looking for someone to reform the system, that’s a decent start. Not that I think Jennings would do that, but at least it’s a perspective that would be unique in state history.

    I know Kathleen Jennings. All I know about LaKresha Roberts is that she was given her leg up by former Republican party chief Terry Strine. I don’t think she has the experience or the stones to stand up to the state police in any meaningful way. I don’t think Jennings will, either, but she’ll have the experience to know what to do when shit happens, and she won’t let herself get steamrollered.

    I mean, I get it, she’s young, black and female, so you don’t want to write her off. But that’s a demographic profile, not a resume. If we were talking instead about Chad Whitebread Jr. from the AG’s office who got a leg up from a Terry Strine initiative you would a) think he was deluded and b) wanna know “what’s up with that?”

  11. Alby says:

    @SW: Eugene Young was the best possible unknown candidate, running in a jurisdiction aching for change against a central-casting Bad White Guy. He still lost. Get a grip.

  12. Young lost b/c of splintering of the black vote. Barely lost.

    Alby, you’re being disingenuous when you write that ‘all I know’ about Roberts is that she was ‘given a leg up’ by Terry Strine.

    She was given her plum appointment by Matt Denn. Who is not Terry Strine. I know that you know that.

  13. Alby says:

    Here, let me edit that for you: Young lost. For all the problems with a split electorate, he also had at least the connection of Cory Booker. Roberts has….?

    Yes, I know the other things everyone knows about Roberts, didn’t mean to imply I didn’t. I meant the only thing that isn’t immediately obvious.

    So what IS up with that? Ever heard of that organization? Weird board makeup, that’s for sure.

    Also, consider this: Roberts gains experience by running that she couldn’t get any other way. People run for AG for one of two reasons: To get the credentials for a run at higher office, or a judgeship. People like Brady want the former and settle for the latter. Most people don’t care about the former, they just want the latter. By raising her profile, Roberts now has a better shot at a judgeship.

    Again, I don’t know a thing about her, but neither does anyone else here. So until I do I treat her as Generic Candidate, and Generic Candidate runs for AG for one of those two reasons.

  14. mediawatch says:

    Two big things Wier had going for him– the ’74 election was three months after a Republican president resigned in disgrace and the GOP’s candidate was the state’s public defender, hardly a poster boy for being tough on crime.

    Your points re Jennings’ strengths in running the office are not in dispute. I have no doubt she can manage an office with 250 people, that she can offer a more balanced perspective than most recent AGs in a rewrite of the criminal code, that she’s less likely to be unknowingly rolled by the DSP and their water-carriers in Legislative Hall.

    But I wouldn’t be confident that the party’s old guard can see her through a primary, and I’d rather have a fresh voice than some more same old, same old, even if I do think she’s a great lawyer.

  15. I think I’ve written about them before. I’ll see what I can exhume from the archives.

    Not tonight, though…

  16. Alby says:

    @MW: I hear you, but I’m weighing a known against an unknown here. I seriously doubt Roberts will be flinging any mud unless she has plans to leave the state, so who’s going to do the dirty work of muddying up Jennings? I don’t think she’s ever given a stump speech, but Jennings is pretty compelling in the courtroom; I doubt she’ll have a problem with that. So how much will the party have to carry her? Not much.

    So on the one side you have broad experience, on the other …not. I know which campaign I’d rather run.

  17. mediawatch says:

    @Alby: If she’s looking for a campaign manager, I hope she gives you a call.

  18. chris says:

    This entry will make the race much more interesting….
    Are we actually getting real competition in these statewide primaries??
    Wow, what a breath of fresh air….
    Roberts will probably run as more progressive than Jennings, or at least pull her more left on some issues.

  19. Alby says:

    Why, is that now illegal? Take your classist comments about William Penn to the Republicans. They’ll be more impressed.

  20. Laser Haas says:

    Hey there, EL Somnambulo :

    Do you think any AG or federal personnel will address the fact of Colm Connolly being nominated for the federal bench – again (Trump nominated Connolly to take MAN’s seat, this past Christmastime)?

    Please help draw attention to this troubling matter? (We’ve learned a lot more since your items on Colm, years ago)!

  21. Laser Haas says:

    By the way, (if you and your readers care about facts) in previous reflections about the Colm Connolly dynamics, I filed a Complaint against him, with the Public Corruption Task Force on December 7, 2007

    Colm Connolly was required – by law (and DOJ protocol) to recuse himself from the MNAT law firm, Bain Capital & Goldman Sachs cases.

    But he didn’t!

    Connolly’s office (via AUSA Ellen Slights {who had the Delaware FBI threaten me} kept stating there were no crimes committed. Which is B.S. (we can now document over 100 felony violations).

    Subsequently, several weeks after I filed the Time-Stamped (another judge was helping me) 18 U.S.C. § 3057(a) Complaint against Colm, the Task Force was SHUT-Down and career federal prosecutors were threatened to keep silent, about the reasons why (see link below by L.A. Times “Shake-up tools federal prosecutors”); which was then followed up by Connolly resigning as United States Attorney in 2008 (he is now at Morgan Lewis).

    We can’t allow a crooked federal prosecutor, to get on the federal bench!

    Don’t you agree?

  22. For those of you new to Delaware Liberal, Laser Haas is referencing this (uh, you might want to skip the first two-thirds of the comments, which were dominated by pro-Gordon apologists for no apparent reason):

    This belongs on a different thread so, if it takes on a life of its own, we’ll move the comments there.

  23. Alby says:

    For those of you who didn’t go back to read the old thread, this guy has a gnat up his ass because Connolly didn’t go after someone who stole his money.

    Ten years is a long time to keep up a persecution complex.

  24. Laser Haas says:

    Hey Alby, if it was – only about me – I would have taken their dam bribe, and the career chance of a lifetime, to become a Bain Capital roaming manager (like Paul Traub, Barry Gold, Jack Bush of Dallas -{most are unaware Bush & Mitt are distant cousins} and Michael Glazer) .

    Colm Connolly has – Never – disclosed the fact that he was a partner of MNAT; which would have resulted in the DEMISE of the MNAT law firm.

    Other law firms we managed to compel, to disband, are Hutchins, Dewey, Traub Bonaquist & Fox, Kronish & Dreier LLP (thanks – MUCH – to

    Colm Connolly’s being “re-nominated” for the federal bench, is a big frigging deal.

    He was a partner of MNAT, from 1999, until August 2001; which just so happens to be the same, exact, period of time that Romney’s Campaign claims Mitt was “retroactively” retired.

    Connolly joined MNAT (1999) ; which is the year Goldman Sachs ripped off my company (and 1000 investors & creditors, for a billion dollars).

    1999 was also the same year Romney, Bain & Sachs ripped off Mattel for $4 billion.

    It was against the law for Colm Connolly to “switch sides” (revolve door) to MNAT, when MNAT was involved in the Mattel merger.

    And, after I blew the whistle on the bribe, that’s the e act time Colm Connolly returned to the Dept of Justice e as the -sole/ top federal prosecutor- over Mattel, Kay Bee, Fingerhut and eToys cases.

    We didn’t find out about his corruption, until 2007; which is when I filed a Time-Stamped Complaint with the Public Corruption Task Force on December 7, 2007

    Several weeks later, the Task Force refused to talk to me, and then the Task Force was SHUT-DOWN, and career federal prosecutors were threatened to keep their mouths shut – or else.

    This is Not- Never has been – about me. The issues at hand, are what Wall Street racketeering, aided & abetted by Tax Paid public servants betraying their oath of office; and what that is doing – to U.S.

  25. Laser Haas says:

    By the way, Alby, one has to wonder, why you would ignore evidence – that is “clear and convincing” – an independent federal investigation, should transpire???

    Your cognitive dissonance borders upon the outrageously (willfully) blind, beyond compare.

    Our nation suffers – too much – from Diehardians disease.

    It is absurd to argue all the people on your side of the fence could never do anything wrong, as if they were Jesus Christ; and everyone else is – always – the devil!

  26. Laser Haas says:

    Hey there El Somnambulo;

    I agree this banter should be upon its own thread, where those that care, can read and, if they choose, engage.

    Colm Connolly has been nominated, by Trump, a couple of weeks ago, to be on the federal bench; which means it is – current event.

    Would be glad to lay out the case, and answer all questions, in any forum.

    Especially, given the fact, it was Film’s right hand gal, Ellen Slights, who had the FBI call and threaten me, 3 days after eToys shareholder, Robert Alber – woke up dead (wonder if Alber’s wife thinks that dynamic is no big deal).

    Ellen Slights is still at DOJ; and – rumor has it – her hubby is now a Delaware judge.

  27. Alby says:

    What you have are a bunch of corresponding dates and a bone to pick.

    I spent many years in journalism. I am inured to people who play the stock market whining about how they were robbed. I am also inured to people with blinding obsessions.

    Your problems and obsessions are just that — yours, and yours alone. Pro tip: If you want to derail the nomination, not that you could, you might want to dial the crazy back to 11.

    The tell, in case you’re interested, was the immediate personal attack.

  28. Laser Haas says:

    The “tell” is your disingenuous obfuscation and lack of attention to details.

    It is a simple question.

    Did Colm Connolly violate the law and federal protocols, in his failure to disclose his direct, personal connections, to targets of federal inquiry; which he had auspices over?

  29. Alby says:

    It is a simple answer: I’m not interested. Why would I dig into the details of the wreckage of your life? I can do nothing about Colm Connolly getting nominated, and neither can you, other than to carry on your decades-long campaign of trying to get someone to give a shit.

    You lost. Get over it.

  30. Laser Haas says:

    Did Mitt Romney, Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital gains unjust enrichment via the losses of the Mattel/ Learning Company merger?

    Here’s a recent news story on the Mattel case. There can be no doubt that anyone who wrote off their losses, would want to know these relevant facts.

  31. Laser Haas says:

    Ha Ha….you really think we would just give up, after 17 years, and let crooks who plunder, murder and corrupt our federal systems of justice – just because you don’t give a chit?



  32. Laser Haas says:

    Here’s the proof of the fact Sachs and Bain were involved in The Learning Company (by the way, have the actual contract),+Inc.+Announces+$150+Million+Debt+Reduction…-a019711794

  33. Laser Haas says:

    By the way, Alby, my involvement, in eToys, wasn’t through the stock market. The Delaware Chief Justice appointed me as the fiduciary over the case.

    If Capone robs the banks, and you as manager call the police, does your fiduciary duty cease, when the police through you out the door and hands the keys of the vault, to Capone?

  34. Alby says:

    Dude, I spent 35 years in journalism. I have heard literally thousands of tales of woe. Very, very few of them were less compelling than yours.

    You swam with the sharks. You got bitten. Learn to live with it.

    The fact that you’re now adjudicating this here shows how little regard for your case anyone with any power has. You want action, take this to business reporters at Bloomberg or WSJ or anywhere else. Trying to take out some form of mistaken revenge on Colm Connolly just makes you look like a nut case — which, from all evidence here, you very well may be.

  35. Bane says:

    I’m famous! Thanks for the shout out El.


    1. I think you over estimate the impact of institutional party support in DE primaries.

    2. I think if you ask everyday voters, they don’t remember state prosecutors from 30yrs ago like they’re NFL football players. That is reserved for the highest level dorks in our society. It was also 30 years ago and this state has added roughly 500k new residents since then and Im sure theyll have a say.

    3. The wine and cheese crowd may consider being Denn’s chief as lacking the adequate experience for the job, but everyday voters won’t. It’s more practical experience at the job than Beau or Matt had before they were elected.

    4. Talk about stones… She quit her job (a great job) to run. That takes stone’s in my book.

    5. You may blow off demographics, but last I checked, black women are a significant portion of primary D voters.

    6. Also, it’s Delaware, not California. An AGs race may cost 350k-500k. I don’t think those are insurmountable odds for a new comer. I also don’t think you should assume that Kathy will be good at raising money just because she’s been around for a long time. Matt Denn has been around for years and according to his filings, he sucks at raising money.

    7. Just because you’re good in a courtroom, doesn’t mean you’re good on people’s doorsteps. Not sure if Jennings personality relates well to the campaign trail. Not to say she has a bad personality, but she doesn’t really light up a room.

  36. Laser Haas says:

    From 1999, to August 2001, tens of billions in fraud, transpired, in the Kay Bee, Fingerhut, Stanford, Tom Petters and eToys cases.

    Here is the proof at the Department of Justice own website, that Colm Connolly was a partner of MNAT, from 1999 to August 2001.

    Therefore, Colm was partners of the very party, involved in the crimes; and then he became the federal prosecutor to determine the outcome of the criminal investigations.

    Which never happened, due to Colm Connolly.

  37. Alby says:

    No. Body. Cares.

  38. Alby says:

    @Bane: Could be. We’ll see. I’ll still buy you a beer if Jennings loses.

    As to your points, Jennings has little name recognition; Roberts has none. Denn and Biden both had name recognition that nobody in this race comes close to. Political experience counts in an election; when neither person has it, professional experience becomes the stand-in.

    It doesn’t take any stones to quit a job if you think you won’t hold it under the new regime anyway.

    As for black women as an electoral force, I’ll let all the black women who have won statewide primaries answer that one….oops.

  39. Laser Haas says:

    Alby, your banter proves that journalist, aren’t the brightest lights in the room.

    No one who lost their life savings, career, or the widows of Jack Wheeler, Robert Alber and Marty Lackner, label this as a quest of “mistaken revenge”.

    Nor do people who read this, but don’t care to waste time with you, think it is a futile task, to seek justice, against organized criminals, able to purchase despots, like Colm Connolly.

    It took 20 years to put Tom Petters, Bernie Madoff and Allen Stanford, in jail.

    I’ve only been at it, for 17 years; which means your “give it up” premise doesn’t have validity, until 2022.

  40. Laser Haas says:

    Alby just got 10,000 African American female – to go –

    “Oh no, he didn’t!”

    What a wonderful, politically (in)correct, journalist – you are.


  41. Alby says:

    Yeah, I retired so I didn’t have to put up with obsessed assholes anymore. Take that as a hint, sport. This site bans trolls.

    PS: “Nor do people who read this, but don’t care to waste time with you, think it is a futile task, to seek justice, against organized criminals, able to purchase despots, like Colm Connolly.”

    What happened, the comma button got stuck on “on?” I really don’t have to listen to insults about my intelligence from illiterates.

    And yeah, I really don’t give a flying fuck about the African-American women. If they can’t face facts they’re as pathetic as you are.

  42. Alby says:

    Even if you have a case — which I doubt or you wouldn’t be here — this is the wrong forum for it. You’ve made your point, now take a hike.

  43. RE Vanella says:

    Live by the sword of capitalism. Die by the sword of capitalism.

    Private equity firms leverage and loot. Big snakes eat small rats. Nothing new under the sun.

    There’s certainly a lesson to be learned here.

  44. Alby says:

    That’s what I mean by a not-at-all-compelling tale of woe. “Rich guys get ripped off” is a story that people on Wall Street might care about, but not the people who frequent a web site that’s not at all keen on capitalism.

  45. Laser Haas says:

    IU’m…er….. Do you own..this site, Alby?

    I’m a victim, and activist for justice, who has no veiled agenda. Did not consider sparring with you, until your “gnat” remark (drawing 1st blood).

    You started the quarrel, and upset me (a little), with your warrant remark that Colm Connolly didn’t go after someone, who stole my money.

    Colm Connolly stole my money. It was the Delaware Department of Justice who aided with MNAT’s forged “HAAS Affidavit” (that was never served upon me, by the way), stating the absurd premise that I gave away millions of dollars in fees & expenses.

    Sounds to me as if you are bitter at anyone that made a dollar more than you.

    Your ad hominem attacks, naughtier and defense of crooked public servants betrayal of the public’s trust, is a testimony to your shame.

    By the way, Google defines Trolls, as..

    Internet slang, a troll (/troʊl, trɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people,

  46. Alby says:

    No, but I can ban trolls.

    I don’t care that you’re a victim. Lots of people are victims, and most of them are far more sympathetic than you.

    Colm Connolly didn’t steal your money or he would have it in his possession. You lost a court case.

    Bitter about someone making money? No, I have no such interest in money. As soon as I had enough money to retire on, I did. I don’t like capitalism because it breeds people like you — greedy, obsessed people who worship money and go on Ahab-like missions to get even when someone jobs them out of it.

    Yes, a troll is someone who comes onto a thread that has nothing to do with Colm Connolly and hijacks it to whine about a 17-year-old court case. We have open threads for that.

    As I said, you made your point. Be happy with it.

  47. Laser Haas says:

    Hmmmmm. These next few commentd are the cases, which a – legitimate – system of justice, has, against Bain Capital, Paul Traub, Mitt Romney, Goldman Sachs; and Colm Connolly.

    Sachs took eToys public in 1999, with the stock going to $85 per share; but eToys received less than $20 per share in a pump-n-dump “spinning” fraud scheme.

    See NYT March 2013 “Rigging the IPO Game”

  48. Alby says:

    This is not the forum for your case. Last warning.

  49. Laser Haas says:

    Also in 1999, Mattel suffered a catastrophic $4 billion loss, from the merger of The Learning Company, with Mattel (handled in part by MNAT)

  50. Laser Haas says:

    This is when the bad faith prosecutor, Colm Connolly, moved over (switched sides) to the MNAT law firm; which just so happens to represent Bain Capital & Goldman Sachs

    Magically, Colm Connolly becomes a partner of the law firm doing the crimes; and – poor – there’s no investigation or prosecution.

    This is Colm’s resume at the Justice Department Office of Legal Policy, website

  51. Alby says:

    As I said, you’ve made your point. If you keep it up, I won’t only ban you, I’ll scrub all these links you’ve posted. Quit while you’re ahead.

  52. SussexWatcher says:

    You are a fucking loony bird. Jesus Christ. Go away.

  53. bane says:

    I love your passion about Colm Connolly…. BUT NOBODY CARES LASER.

    Touche Alby on the name rec of Biden and Denn. I would also say that we have not had many black women running in statewide primaries to measure the impact. Except Lisa Blunt Rochester who won and Sherry Dorsey who surprised a lot of people and came in second for LG.

  54. Laser Haas says:

    We know it! You hate being on the losing side of a debate. Especially when facing little things like evidence; which makes you look really, really bad.

    How is a President Trump nomination of a bad faith prosecutor, not worthy of being discussed, on a Liberal website?

    Are you aware that “Delaware” is in peril, as Senators Warren & Cornyn put forth a new Law, on Monday January 8, 2018; which could take a billion dollars in annual revenues, away, from Delaware law firms?

    It appears to me that El Somnambulo runs this domain; and said he would consider moving the comments to a new thread.

    So, you are threatening me, to win your arguments, incongruous, stating “Last warning!

    Scrubbing, banning, the items, would only prove my point. You can’t handle the truth, nor admit you are wrong about Colm Connolly.

    You shouldn’t have drawn 1st blood, with your B.S. “gnat” remarks, defending a criminals.

  55. Alby says:

    Yeah, Lisa is the exception. But she did have the party’s backing, plus more money and two male opponents. Roberts will have to face another woman, so it’ll be a different dynamic.

    If Roberts is a serious candidate, she has some serious people/money behind her. We should learn soon if that’s the case. If it’s an outsider campaign, well, it could work. People are really sick of the one-party dominance in this state, and could be inclined to vote against the person who they think represents the status quo, which would be Jennings.

  56. Laser Haas says:

    Saying nobody cares about corruption, on a Liberal website, in the very state that could bankrupt, resultant of these dynamics, is an inane posturing.

    Delaware – is – the corporate dominant state; which law firms get over a billion dollars a year, in bankruptcy fees..

    Now in danger if being lost, due to the fraud and corruption; which is nationally significant & important.

    You’ll care when 1/2 state employees, lose their jobs; because Delaware and its citizens don’t care how much the rest of U.S. are getting ripped off, by this states federal employees, assaulting the Constitution of the United States, seditious!

  57. Alby says:

    If you think we’re having a debate, you have an active fantasy life, which would explain why you can’t take a hint.

    “How is a President Trump nomination of a bad faith prosecutor, not worthy of being discussed, on a Liberal website?”

    So now you’ve discussed it. Sorry, but if I”m supposed to get upset about Colm Connolly, no dice. Trump has appointed people with no courtroom experience; a judge who ruled against you doesn’t impress me much.

    I’m threatening you because you’re disrupting the thread, which was about an attorney general candidate, and because the site has a general rule against assholes taking advantage of it to ride their hobby horses.

    This case is ancient. It was talked about at the time. Nobody has thought twice about Colm Connolly since Joe Biden killed his appointment the first time. And your crazy demeanor here isn’t doing you any favors.

    There are lots of places you could take this information. I gave you some of them. I suspect they’ve already told you they’re not interested.

  58. Alby says:

    “Saying nobody cares about corruption, on a Liberal website, in the very state that could bankrupt, resultant of these dynamics, is an inane posturing.”

    Have you seen a doctor about getting your meds adjusted?

    But I’ll admit I was wrong about the gnat. You’ve apparently got a long, sharp stick up there.

  59. Laser Haas says:

    And you, Alby, can’t see facts, pounding you over the head.

    The smart ones here, are the silent majority.

  60. Alby says:

    No, the facts of this case don’t interest me. I haven’t looked at them at all since 2008, and I didn’t think much of them then. You have a conspiracy theory to peddle, based on a guy getting a job and George Bush and Mitt Romney being distant cousins. Do it somewhere else.

  61. Delaware Left says:

    LaKresha Roberts is pro death penalty, so I don’t see how any self styled “progressive” could even consider voting for her.

    I’ve heard rumors that there might be another candidate for this race, but nothing concrete

  62. Alby says:

    @DL: That will only matter if someone in the race comes out against the death penalty. I don’t know of any current Delaware prosecutors who have publicly come out against it.

  63. Laser Haas says:

    Anyone pro death penalty could never – legitimately – call themselves, progressive.

    They are mutually exclusive paradigms

  64. Alby says:

    Oh, so now you’re the progressive police. And showing the same deep reasoning ability you show in claiming that Colm Connolly getting a job is “corruption.”

    But, just for the record, there is no such thing as a progressive checklist, and if there were you certainly wouldn’t be in charge of it. If you want to play this game, I suggest, again, you do it elsewhere.

  65. Laser Haas says:

    Alby, Why don’t you get a life.

    They sky is blue!

  66. Gerry W says:

    Excellent, we need diversity in this campaign to overcome the Tired Northeastern Democrat Male/Female Legacy. As long as LaKresha passed the Bar who cares about experience, at least she owes fewer favors. AG’s should be about writing new laws and dumping old outdated laws, not about ego feeding press conferences and high profile trials. It’s time the underrepresented shoved aside a bunch of over represented DuPont retirees and their shiftless offspring. Fewer trials means budget savings, fewer press conferences means more time to concentrate on important issues. The more I think about the more she has my vote.

  67. Laser Haas says:

    Well stated, Gerry

  68. Alby says:

    “AG’s should be about writing new laws and dumping old outdated laws, not about ego feeding press conferences and high profile trials.”

    Uh, no. AGs should not be writing laws, and I have never seen one of the ego-feeding press conferences you’re talking about.

    Given these statements, one has to wonder whether you live in Delaware. Delaware’s AG office are the state’s only prosecutors. We have no county or city district attorneys. So the office handles all prosecutions in the state, plus it still acts, Beau’s plan to the contrary, as defense attorney for every state agency.

    Basically there isn’t a sign of intelligence in anything you wrote, which is why laser-brain agrees with it.

  69. Gerry W says:

    Ego feeding Press Conferences are the mainstay of the News Journal, WDEL and a host of other “Journalistic Entities” in the Diamond State. Do you realize the Delaware State Police Press site is the source of 50% of what’s printed/posted on and in local Media. As the Biden family raised Press Conferences and self praise to an Art Form, so followed Carper and then every other “Public Servant” wrapped in self worship. No more embracing Attorneys as major league pitchers trying for 20 win seasons, bold new approaches needed here, not rehash of past trials and inner circles. All Attorneys are corrupt, becoming more corrupt as their legacy grows, break the mold, upset the apple cart.

  70. Alby says:

    Did somebody leave Farnhurst’s door unlocked last night?

    Yes, Gerry, ALL police news in Delaware is controlled by the police. Everybody in the media knows that. Who do you think you’re informing here?

    News conferences aren’t held to fee egos. They’re held to get the story better play in the next day’s paper or that evening’s broadcast. Duh.

  71. Laser Haas says:

    Don’t mind the name calling. As Socrates said, long ago “When the debate is lost, slander is the tool of the loser.

    Your 1st comment, I remarked of (before evening knowing we would be lumped in), was ‘Spot On’

    Your following remark, would be great, except for the notion, allattorneys are bad.

    On both sides of the partisan aisle, I know of judges, federal agents, and attorneys at law, who are good people.

  72. Alby says:

    No, when the debate is lost, the loser quotes Socrates — another big-time loser, I would note. Calling you names doesn’t make me wrong, and it doesn’t make you right.

    It does show that you don’t have anything beyond a strong sense of grievance and a lust for revenge. Sounds like another guy we write about here quite often.

    Just BTW, I didn’t call him any names. Just you, dipshit. Why don’t you emulate Socrates?

  73. Alby says:

    OK, now I’m annoyed.

    Here’s some background on this dipshit:

    The bankruptcy process is by all appearances over though a former bankruptcy trustee, Steve “Laser” Haas, seems committed to continuing on. Haas was removed from the case and replaced by Gold as trustee but has nonetheless tried to insert himself into the proceedings. His involvement has been met with scorn and indifference in one exchange the bankruptcy judge in the case, Judge Mary Walrath, told Haas she would not be hearing his motion and wanted to “get back to Tweeter [sic].” Haas is now banned from her court.

    So this won’t be the first place you’re banned.

  74. Alby says:

    Here’s another case Mr. Haas — who the fuck nicknames himself “laser,” pray tell? — has been involved with. It, too, features an asshole who swam with a shark and then tried to blame the court for his problems:

  75. RE Vanella says:

    Check out his LinkedIn profile. Classic. This cat is a proper chud.

  76. Alby says:

    He actually might be on to something in terms of crookedness in bankruptcy proceedings. I’ve heard things over the years about other cases. But he doesn’t have the legal chops to get anything done about it. He generated a number of stories in ’12 because the case involved Bain. But nobody dug into it.

    If one of the financial outfits like WSJ or Bloomberg were to devote the resources they might get a good story out of it, though not with just one example. But, speaking as an ex-editor, there’s nothing more precious than my reporters’ time, and without the guarantee of a story at the end of the line that investment is not justified.