Kathleen Jennings Running For Attorney General

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She will be a formidable candidate. Here is the story.  Former AG Charles Oberly said today that he would not run and instead would endorse Jennings.

Jennings’ candidacy also renders that of Tim Mullaney basically irrelevant. Not that it was relevant to begin with.  So, will Sean Lynn run? Will the guy who John Carney is trying to give the rub to (Chris Johnson) run? As to Johnson, anyone who Carney pushes and who gets an award from the Delaware Business Times is immediately suspect.

Or will it be Jennings vs. whatever Republican the Rethugs recruit to run against Tom Neuberger?

Whaddayathink, amigos?

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  1. Bane says:

    Lakresha Roberts

  2. Haven’t heard her name mentioned, although she appears to be a promising up-and-comer. VERY promising, in fact.

    Chris Johnson is Carney’s guy. He had been rumored to be running, but now I’m not so sure.

    As to LaKresha Roberts, here’s some background on her:


  3. Arthur says:

    Jennings is cute. I’ll vote for her

  4. RE Vanella says:

    Art, you’re lucky this isn’t a safe space. Don’t be a fucking douche.

    If you’re going to make a gross sexist joke we demand it be funnier. Much funnier in fact.

  5. chris says:

    Delaware Way…the others in the office will stand down for Jennings.

  6. Rufus Y. Kneedog says:

    I think others will stand down because they know they won’t win. To me, that doesn’t mean the Delaware Way fix is in, it just means Jennings is more qualified for the office.

  7. To me, ‘qualified’ does not necessarily equate with ‘good’.

    Where does she stand on the death penalty? Where does she stand on ‘civil forfeiture’? Where does she stand on prosecuting corruption by public officials? Where does she stand on joining with other AG’s to challenge anti-consumer practices by corporations

    She’s been around for a long time now. So far, nothing in her background fills me with confidence as to what she would prioritize as AG.

  8. chris says:

    I agree with El Som. Where is she on the big issues? The function of the AG job is not being in the courtroom.. It is administering a large bureaucracy. It is getting more funding from the General Assembly to pay the underpaid prosecutors. It is getting major legislation passed in Dover. It is having the guts and political will to prosecute large companies and polluters and some crooked politicians who skate free.

    Remember the dirty DElDOT land deal that was attributed to a ‘scrivners error’? No prosecution there . How about the hand off of grant funds from Haniffa Shabazz to Theo Gregory just days after he left office? Easy prima facie case of public corruption there. Bring a case and let a jury decide it. Would have a chilling effect on the Delaware Way if an AG had the guts to bring those cases. That is the type of AG we need in that office!

  9. Alby says:

    There has never been a political corruption case prosecuted by the state AG. They are always federal investigations.

    That, Chris, is the “Delaware Way.” People stand down for better-known candidates everywhere. Only in Delaware do both parties get a pass from state prosecutors — though, to be fair, almost all political corruption cases everywhere are investigated by the feds, because state governments are so much more corrupt than the federal government. That, as you ought to know from being one, is why Republicans hate the federal government and want power to go to the states — where they can more easily purchase it.

  10. Well, Charlie Oberly didn’t prosecute any state officials when he was a federal prosecutor either, and he & Jennings basically came in together. I want to know what she stands for other than organization and professionalism.

  11. Alby says:

    I don’t know the answer to those questions, and I really don’t think it matters in terms of her electability. She’s probably going to win unless someone high up in the party is really against the idea. And I doubt that’s the case given how long she had to size up the field.

    As I said, I don’t know where she stands on any of the big issues. But she did spend time as a defense lawyer, which is more than can be said of most people who become attorneys general.

  12. AQC says:

    You guys clearly don’t know Chris Johnson. He’s nobody’s “guy”.

  13. Care to fill in the blanks? Or just fulminate? He is Carney’s lawyer and he’s been honored by the Delaware Business Times. What do you have to add?

  14. Alby says:

    He’s also too young to be running for the office.

  15. MissH says:

    LaKresha Roberts FTW. I’ve been disappointed not to see more chatter about her here. She’d be a new face with experience and none of the baggage of an Oberly or Jennings. She could inject some much-needed excitement into the Dem Party and move us away from the Delaware Way.

  16. Joshua W says:

    I wasn’t aware of there being an age requirement for the Attorney General.

  17. There’s been no chatter b/c, until Bane mentioned her yesterday, no one had touted her as a candidate. Is she thinking of running?

  18. Alby says:

    @Josh: There isn’t. There’s an experience requirement for my vote.

    Look at how much experience Matt Denn had before taking the job. He knows how these games are played at the highest level, and he can’t do the job the way he’d like because of the restrictions of the office. Why should I believe someone still wet behind the years will be able to handle it?

  19. Alby says:

    “I’ve been disappointed not to see more chatter about her here. She’d be a new face with experience and none of the baggage of an Oberly or Jennings.”

    So would you or I.

    What, exactly, is Kathleen Jennings’ “baggage,” pray tell?