And Then There Were Three…

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…D’s running for the seat of retiring State Sen. Margaret Rose Henry.

Former City Councilman Darius Brown today announced his candidacy, according to WDEL.

Here is his campaign web page.  He was previously a legislative aide to Sen. Henry, according to his website.

Brown ran for Wilmington City Treasurer in 2016 despite no finance bona fides in his background, and lost a close primary to (finger down my throat) Velda Jones-Potter. Ken Matlusky finished third.  Vote totals: Jones-Potter: 4496; Brown: 4134; Matlusky: 2918. A rare example when the cynical white guy maneuver of splitting the votes of two black candidates didn’t work.

What do you think of Brown’s candidacy and the race in general?

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  1. Alby says:

    Is it worth pointing out that none of the three candidates for treasurer deserved the job? Velda is the only one who knows anything about money, and she can’t be trusted with any.

    The lack of political talent in that district is an indictment of Delaware’s public school system.

  2. I’d also like to point out that about half of that district is not within the confines of the City of Wilmington. Rep. J. J. Johnson, for example, does not live in the city, but is in the district. He’s an incredibly talented and valuable legislator. Unfortunately, he’s retiring.

    Not challenging your theory, just pointing out that there’s no reason whatsoever why the next State Senator has to be from the city of Wilmington.

  3. A says:

    At this point it seems he’s just running for various offices hoping to get a job.

  4. chris says:

    My take:
    Cummings is very much in the mold of a J.J. Johnson. Thoughtful, low ley, strong quiet effective bridge builder. First run at office.
    Sam Guy is just a total mess. Darius is a big talker, looking for an office, not really a doer. Probably more folks will jump in the pool, likely from New Castle /Rt 9 area.