Open Thread Dec. 23: Every Day Is Festivus

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Today is Festivus, the made-up holiday popularized by “Seinfeld” back in the ’90s, the centerpiece of which is the Airing of the Grievances. Compiling a full list would take all day, so why bother when a scroll through the archives would suffice? Here at Delaware Liberal, every day is Festivus, and airing our grievances is always in season.

So let me start off by not griping: Donald Trump serves a useful function for me. Identifying asshole conservatives I don’t yet know about so I can get a jump on disliking them. Today, for example, the stubby presidential fingers tweeted out support for Rep. Ron DeSantis in Florida’s GOP gubernatorial primary. I never heard his name before but I disliked him immediately upon learning that he accompanied Trump on his rally for Roy Moore.

The tax heist isn’t the only method by which the Trump Conspiracy oligarchs intend to steal from the poor. The Department of Labor has proposed, under the guise of giving waiters and waitresses the “freedom” to share tips with dishwashers and other kitchen workers, a rule change allowing employers to claim a share of the tips. The Economic Policy Institute calculates this would cost America’s food servers nearly $6 billion. An economist from EPI explains.

Alert the outrage police: Princess Michael of Kent was caught wearing a piece of racist jewelry to a royal affair attended by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Is the “blackamoor” brooch racist? Check it out at the link.

There’s an absurd trope out there holding out MSNBC as a leftist counterweight to Fox News. An actual leftist counterweight wouldn’t be owned by a metastasizing corporation despised by consumers, and it wouldn’t give out Christmas presents like the one Joan Walsh got: Merry Christmas, you’re fired!

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  1. Alby says:

    Actual lead headline at delawareonline:

    “Man killed in fatal crash near New Castle”

    That’s not news. If nobody were killed in a fatal crash, that would be news.

  2. puck says:

    “There’s an absurd trope out there holding out MSNBC as a leftist counterweight to Fox News.”

    Real leftists have cut the cord and don’t get cable news.

  3. Joan Walsh gets fired. And Peggy Noonan is now all over Morning Joe. Not to mention Bill Kristol, whose body has morphed into that of a bloated sponge.

  4. Homesteader says:

    The history of Festivus:

  5. jason330 says:

    Pelosi trying to fuck up Dem prospects for mid-term success by touting the Democratic party as the true deficit hawks. It is a huge mistake, so naturally the Professional Dems are all for it:

    Now, with the historically unpopular President Donald Trump in the White House, it’s Democrats’ turn to try and ride the midterm election wave. And since congressional Republicans’ massive tax cut bill is projected to add $1.4 trillion to the debt over the next decade, Democrats have stumbled on a seemingly delicious talking point to aid them in their quest: calling out the hypocrisy of Republicans and their supposed concern for budget deficits.

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) declared at a Wednesday press conference that the bill would “explode the national debt.”

    “The poor deficit hawk,” Pelosi said. “It’s become, if not an endangered species, extinct, because the Republicans only seem to care about the deficit when it comes time to invest in people. Not when it comes time to give giveaways to corporate America and the wealthiest.”

  6. Liberal Elite says:

    @j “Pelosi trying to fuck up Dem prospects for mid-term success by touting the Democratic party as the true deficit hawks.”

    No… It may actually work, if the argument can be used to explain how Trump is stealing from the millennials. The main problem with the millennials is that just don’t get out and vote. Let’s get them angry with the truth…

  7. jason330 says:

    “We are a little less terrible than the Republicans!”

    That’s going to fire up millennial? Good luck.

  8. Homesteader says:

    Earlier today Rand Paul tweeted something to the effect that he was celebrating Festivus and was looking forward to airing grievances with the government for the past year.

    Trump responded “What the hell is Festivus?”