WDEL: KHN Lied On Her Ethics Statement

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Read Joe Irazarry’s story here.

She defines the term ‘grifter’.  I’m beginning to think she doesn’t even get to complete her term b/c of legal issues.

Didn’t mention a loan on her required ethics form.  Said there  ‘was confusion on whether the money was a gift or a loan’. Turns out that was a demonstrable lie b/c she acknowledged the loan in a letter, contained in the body of the article. She now says she will amend her financial disclosure form, as if lying is merely  a harmless oversight (see ‘Kushner, Jared). Oh, the loan? $60K for living expenses (?!)   Who the fuck does she think she is? Sherry Freebury? How does anybody fall for her BS? This Larry Jones guy defines the term ‘rube’ or ‘mark’. Hey, grifters gonna grift.

Also turns out the house she claimed in writing that she owned? Doesn’t own it. Never did. Not even close.

Mark my words. She will cost taxpayers even more than she’s already cost them.  Someone needs to find a way to shoehorn out of office.

My idea? Get her on tape saying she’s willing to leave if she gets a payoff. (Maybe someone already has.) Then indict her for extortion. Gotta outcon the con.

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  1. bamboozer says:

    As previously stated we need a Naglectomy and we needs it now.

  2. Paul says:

    Somehow I don’t think “shoehorn” fits the concepts of ejecting, being more for the purpose of getting in than getting out. Perhaps a pilot’s “ejection” seat is more in keeping with your sentiment.

  3. puck says:

    Is it actually illegal to resign in exchange for money?

  4. I sure am glad WDEL is covering this story. I just hope the Department of Justice acts to verify all of the statements on all sides and gets down to the truth.

  5. Patrick Jones says:

    The rube referenced in the story is not Larry Jones. The rube is me, Pat Jones.

    After 10 years as a journalist, 5 as a press secretary for the U.S. House Committee on Ways and Means, and 10 as an intelligence analyst in the Executive Branch, you’d think that I would be able to recognize liars, cheats and deceivers.

    Special circumstances in my case. Still, I embarrassingly accept the title, rube.

    She will pay a price. It will be a political one. She’s already begun paying it.

  6. puck says:

    I admit I don’t know the duties of the Council President. Do we really need the office?

  7. Jason330 says:

    That was first class stepping up from Jones. We could sure use a lot more of that.

  8. RE Vanella says:

    Yep, credit where it’s due. Fair played, Pat.

  9. chris says:

    Disappointing. There were some excellent County Council Presidents of yesteryear, Karen Petersen and Phil Cloutier, to name a few . Top notch, smart, respectable public servants.

  10. loritool says:

    The Dem’s after all of this will do nothing in Dover. That’s who decides, plus all of her other bad things lately. harassment, of employees, stripped of all her powers. Hey by the way where is common cause in this. Very quiet here , so glad I donated my money to them. Threw that money away.

  11. Alby says:

    @lori: Wasn’t she one of the people who screwed up Common Cause in Delaware a few years back?

  12. loritool says:

    Yesss! But John Flaherty Keeps asking for money at their Fundraiser every year I go. It seems that it’s now selective who they investigate anymore. I heard that maybe she was trying to get him a county job awhile back. She can single handle, take down the progressive movement if someone does not stop her. Lying on ethics reports, stealing money, harassing employees,saying bad things to people. Lying to the ethics reports, saying she owns a home that dead people gave her. How much more will the progressives take?

  13. Alby says:

    There’s only one self-claimed (and mis-identified) “progressive” I know of who had anything to do with her.

  14. loritool says:

    Who would that be Alby may I ask ?

  15. I’m not Alby, but I’d guess John Flaherty.

  16. Alby says:

    Not John. He’s the one who lost his job in all of it. Who was at her side in wrecking Common Cause?

  17. loritool says:

    So why should we believe anything common cause says anymore? KHN is a one person wrecking crew for the libs. We are doomed if the progressives do not call for her resignation. Plus didn’t someone go to jail named Susan for $ 600. Didn’t common cause ask for it too?

  18. Alby says:

    Libs? Karen Hartley Nagle has no political philosophy that I could ever determine, and no supporters of any political philosophy more sophisticated than “I got mine.” She is a person without talents in dire need of a job, a description that also fits a majority of Wilmington City Council, a majority of New Castle County Council and a majority of the General Assembly.

    How does this constitute a problem for “libs”?

  19. Gigi says:

    Alby, she also ran a campaign of perpetual victimhood. And many of her enablers are foolish enough to fall for the whole “woe is me” bs about stolen signs and/or those mean men beating up on her when she spews nonsense like there are no county parks in N Wilm. But hey, she finally got a job!

  20. Kelly says:

    Looks like she got her rip off training from Charles And Velda Potter. After all he did support her. And if we are going to have her resign then you have to ask the Potters to join her. I don’t understand why people keep voting for these crooks.

  21. One reason is lack of viable alternatives. Won’t somebody please run against Potter in the 1st RD?

  22. loritool says:

    Alby, the libs did support her. She won by a big majority , saying she is transparent. I kid you not lol. Did exactly what Vince D”Anna told her in the debates. Dems fell for it

  23. There wasn’t a worthwhile progressive candidate in the field. Blame the libs all you want, but it’s a false narrative. All the choices sucked.

  24. chris says:

    Common Cause is a total joke in Delaware…

    the lady who went to jail years ago was named Susan Holmes, maybe early 80’s?……probably the last person who was prosecuted for anything in the political world around here…the blanket of the Delaware Way has descended strongly since then.

  25. If that was the timeframe, then she was likely in prison at the same time as Kermit Justice. Didn’t Mike Harkins serve jail time as well? They were much bigger fish than Susan Holmes.

    Of course, they were Rethugs, so they didn’t count in your firmament.

  26. Alby says:

    @lori: I have no idea who these “libs” who supported her are. Did Kowalko? I consider him the only actual liberal in the General Assembly, and there are none in the Democratic Party establishment. As for Vince D’Anna; a less liberal Democrat would be hard to find, as would a less insightful political consultant.

    Karen Hartley-Nagle won because she was a woman on a male-dominated ballot. Period. Full stop. She has no resume and if anyone gave the slightest fraction of a flying fuck about the office she never would have been able to run.

    You could tell the office was a joke from the four years the previous occupant, Chris Bullock, held it. He did nothing except draw a salary, and nobody noticed except KHN, who has never been able to draw a regular salary in her life. She noticed and planned accordingly. She’s Christine O’Donnell minus the ideological commitment.

    Just BTW, the fact that you call them “libs” leads me to believe you don’t care much for them. Most consider it an insult.

  27. loritool says:

    Sorry about the Libs comment, I just saw it used on here a lot. I guess I am ranting because she lied so much and no one from the AG’s office on are doing anything about it. A man actually gave her or loaned her lol $60,000. She did not report it and seems no one cares because she was common cause. I apologize I was not attacking you or anyone. I am a progressive but really believe in transparency. The party says the same thing. Poor Al had to go the Dems said. Called for him to step down, where is the progressive part of the party here? They should go to a county meeting demanding this on Jan 9!!!

  28. loritool says:

    I just do not want the R’s using this in 18. They have every right too. Please do not let this happen. Merry Christmas !!!

  29. I may have to attend this barn burner of a meeting. But will Karen even show?


  30. They can request her resignation, but it carries no legal weight.

    BTW, and I don’t know the answer to this, what happens if there’s a vacancy in that office? Is there a procedure for filling the position? Not that it needs filling…

    Maybe an election to fill out the last two years of the term in November?

  31. chris says:

    This state needs recall provisions for city and county offices…..someone in General Assembly should sponsor this bill….. Haniffa Shabazz first, then Karen Hartly Nagle next

  32. loritool says:

    Who pays the taxes on the $60,000 ? I thought the limit was $10,000 a year? Also did she get the car she was asking for ? Never heard that outcome either. She did give 1 grant out, It was to Theo. I kid you not. Only grant I can find she gave too

  33. ^^^
    I would like to see this.
    KHN = NCC Council
    Theo’s grant I am aware of = Wilmington City Council

  34. loritool says:

    She co sponsor the grant with Jea Street. It went to his agency . So if you get or receive a gift you must pay taxes on that. Plus didn’t Sherry get in trouble on not putting this down on her ethics report disclosure ? In just 1 year KHN has broken more laws than All before her. All together!!

  35. Nancy: I doubt if there would be a Special Election for this office before the General Election of 2018. It would be a waste of money.

    Having said that, she’s not leaving that post voluntarily, and I don’t see how else she is removed.

  36. I don’t know if an office would be left unfilled due to expense.

    Special election would be held if there were a vacancy in office. It would be expensive as it is a county wide office. I don’t think she is going anywhere soon either, though.

  37. loritool says:

    It would be a special election unforgently. $100,000 election for this. The office can not be vacant more than 60 days!

  38. Alby says:

    In the old days, the party would give someone in the private sector the money to hire her away from the office. Control of government by crooked political machines had its good points.

  39. loritool says:

    LOL Alby, just shows when people preach they will be transparent. They most likely will not be. This will hurt good government organizations now. She was the leader of common cause, democrats for open government. All lies by 2 people