Tom Carper Rolled By Republicans As Usual

Filed in National by on December 14, 2017

What did Tom Carper get for all his prodigious “bipartisanship bridge building” and what how have his Republican friends across the aisle reciprocated all of his overtures of friendship?

I’m seriously asking because the reconciled House and Senate tax bill is even MORE rapaciously Republican than the original version.

House and Senate Republican leaders have reached an agreement in principle that would lower the corporate tax rate to 21 percent beginning in 2018, several people briefed on the plan said, a central component of the $1.5 trillion tax plan they hope to vote into law by next week.

The agreement would also lower the top tax rate for families and individuals from 39.6 percent to at least 37 percent, a change that would deliver a major tax cut for upper-income households.

“We are so close right now,” President Trump said at the White House. “So close.”

Nice work Senator. Let me know when you get tired of all your “friends” on the GOP side pissing on your head.


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  1. Alby says:

    Pissing on his head? You mean it’s not raining?

  2. mediawatch says:

    If Collins and McCain wise up and join Corker in defecting from the GOP majority, Mitch can always call Tom and ask him to climb aboard this train wreck of a bill.

  3. chris says:

    Carper’s big bold stand this month was adding his name to the list of 35 calling for Al Franken to step down. Why no serious D primary and no decent R candidate against Carper next year is ridiculous.

  4. mouse says:

    I wonder if there is anyone who would help fund a primary? I think just the cost to register as a candidate is quite high.

  5. bamboozer says:

    It’s the cost that holds back a primary for Carper and nothing more, there are no deep pockets lined up to get rid of Carper. Sad, as I see him as beatable and weak. Yes friends, Tom is a DINO’s DINO.

  6. Paul says:

    I think the framers had something very different in mind than the current “political leadership class”. I think the idea was supposed to be “citizen legislators” and a “citizen president”. You run for office as a duty, kind of like jury duty or military service. You go to Washington, you give it your best shot for your term, and then you return to your life. Duty fulfilled. The current fashion of some kind of privilege and celebrity status is kookoomanga. It is all play to ego and no sense of personal responsibility. The constitution does not mention political parties. Today, most people prefer to say they are “independent”. Then there is citizen’s united, perhaps the second worst decision a SCOTUS has ever made. (Can you guess the worst?) It has accomplished exactly what it critics said it would, the entire elecorate drowned by money and lobbying. The “tax” bill makes it abundantly clear to whom lawmakers in DC are listening, and it is not us anymore. It, only one decision, has turned our congressmen into feverishly copulating denisons of the money mad corridors of power. Their release comingliing obscenely with the sweat of the thousands of lobbyists who adorn them with pheromones in the form of dollars. It is more obscene than any porn in Potter Stewart’s eyeball.

  7. puck says:

    Any credible Carper primary opponent would get the KWS treatment – one or two Dem patsies would file to split the anti-Carper vote.

  8. Alby says:

    That’s true. But he’s now in physical decline, enough so that a campaign could produce the kind of Bill Roth moment that put Carper in the Senate in the first place. Karma’s a female dog of breeding age. Whoever runs against him could get lucky.

    Where’s Sean Barney?

  9. Martha W says:

    The problem isnt so much that he was “rolled by Republicans” as much as it is that Carper has never held a job that wasnt political office. Out of touch and disengaged Carper has no idea what to do for his constituents because he has no idea what they even want.

  10. RE Vanella says:

    I presume he incinerated many Laotian & Cambodian villagers before he was a politician, but then again that’s also a political job.