Open Thread Dec. 3: Can a Never-Raveled Chucklehead Unravel?

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Pundits continue to parse the charges Mike Flynn pleaded guilty to in hopes of learning more about where Mueller’s investigation is headed. Many outlets noted that K.T. McFarland seemed to give away the game with an email about Russia¬†throwing the election to Trump. It’s a gun, all right, but I don’t smell any smoke there.

Trump’s tweet Saturday morning, in which he essentially admitted to obstruction of justice, was so damaging that the White House is now pretending Trump didn’t write it. They’re claiming John Dowd, an actual lawyer (though not a good one), wrote a tweet so stupid it amounts to an admission of guilt. Yeah, right. A lawyer would do that, but a luffah-faced shit gibbon wouldn’t. Right. Fuck, do these people think everyone else is as stupid as they are? Don’t answer that, Rusty Dils.

Sorry, but it sounds a lot more like this guy, a sniveling little coward who faints at the sight of blood. Sure can throw tantrums, though, on a par with my 3-year-old grandson, who at least knows how to pee in the toilet. The funny part about this excerpt from Corey Lewandowski’s book is that he thinks it’s complimentary to quote this.

I wish I had a nickel for every pundit who thinks it’s important to remind us that Republicans won’t impeach Trump, as if that were the only acceptable ending for all this. Why settle for impeaching a criminal when we can take down the entire party that enabled this? If all you’re thinking is impeachment, you need a bigger fish fryer.

With the deadline for comments approaching, the Delaware State News took one last crack at riling up the rubes over the state’s proposal for how schools should handle transgendered students. They even went back to the photographic record for that IR school board meeting in which red-shirted opponents, um, “flooded” the auditorium. Yep, still tens of people upset over this.

I only mention it because I well remember all the anti-war protests during the W years that were dismissed by top editors because “only a couple of dozen people show up.” There’s media bias, all right, but it sure as shit ain’t liberal.

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