Open Thread Nov. 25: Trump Golfs as Mueller Closes In

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Long read for a long weekend: Bill Moyers and retired lawyer Steven Harper put together a timeline of known Trump campaign contacts with Russians, resulting in a (relatively) easy-to-follow version of what we know so far. Short version: It’s a three-pronged pincer movement.

Sen. Al Franken’s hand problems continue, with Franken issuing an apology on Thanksgiving day that made it clear he will not resign his seat. That’s sure to rile up the all-abusers-must-resign-immediately crowd, who will probably demand someone else resign in protest. Myself, I think we could bring Democrats and Republicans together by holding an ass-patting contest — using robot buttocks, of course.

Perhaps to even the gender score a little, White House — hey, does anyone remember her job title? — Kellyanne Conway once again violated the Hatch Act by using her official position, whatever it is, to endorse Roy “Let Me Touch Your Purity” Moore.

Birds of a feather, I guess: Donald Trump announced he was going to play a round of golf with old pal Tiger Woods, which immediately set the internet to wondering whose image would be harmed more by the pairing.

The so-called president once again revealed his mental age at about 7 in talking about the F-35 fighter jet, also known as the Edsel of the Air. Apparently Donnie thinks that being invisible to radar is the same thing as being invisible to the naked eye. Gives you a good idea of why even Tom Carper can outsmart him.

There’s one area in which the Big Orange Dope has shown remarkable consistency, notes the Atlantic’s Vann Newkirk: picking fights with blacks who fit the description of what whites used to call “uppity.” The message, though nobody puts it this way, is that once an African American becomes rich, he owes his loyalty to his class, not his race.

There’s an evil stalking Hollywood, and it’s not Harvey and the Hands People. It’s racket-as-religion Scientology. Actor Danny Masterson, best known for a supporting role on Scientology make-work project “That ’70s Show,” has been accused of raping at least four women who are or were fellow Scientologists, and it sure looks like there’s a cover-up going on. This story looks at the connections between Scientology and the LAPD to explain why Masterson is getting a pass from Netflix while Kevin Spacey and Louis C.K. walked the plank.

Feel free to add links to anything else that catches your fancy.

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  1. Alby says:

    Feeling masochistic, or in need of an outrage booster? The News Journal picked up the Washington Post’s look back at Biden’s behavior running the Judiciary Committee’s Anita Hill testimony. It’s the stuff negative campaign ads are made of, and stands as another reason the Biden-for-president talk amounts to pissing up a rainpipe.

  2. Paul says:

    I agree. Bungled SCOTUS confirmation. And look at the fallout. All the years of Thomas psychosis.